We Tried London’s Cheekiest Spa Treatment For Free – And You Can Too This December

When we say “skincare”, we instantly think “face”, right? From cleansers to toners, SPF to moisturisers, even those of us who aren’t skincare obsessed have a daily routine. However, once you head below the neck, it’s a different story for the most part. A slap dash of moisturiser and job done. Well, the newly launched Four-Cheek Facial is here to change that. And you can try it for free this December.

A partnership between Swedish skincare brand FOREO and London-based GP, aesthetic doctor and skincare expert Dr Raj Arora, the Four-Cheek Facial is a world-first cleansing treatment, specifically designed for your face and bottom. Londoners have the chance to try the cheekiest spa treatment around on December 6–8 at The Spa at Four Seasons Hotel London at Park Lane. Get involved for glowing skin all winter long.

Why four cheeks?

“It’s about holistic health – seeing our bodies as a whole,” said Dr Arora when we asked. Our skin is the largest organ we have, so we need to take care of it. Dr Arora talked about how conditions like strawberry skin and acne can result in low self esteem – as a teenager and through adulthood – and having good skincare really can help increase body confidence. “We want to educate and empower our clients, and bring something to the market that’s a bit cheeky and open; there’s nothing to be ashamed of.”

How it works

Between December 6–8, the Four-Cheek Facial will be available to try for free (have we said this enough?) in the beauty rooms of The Spa at Four Seasons Hotel London at Park Lane. You’ll head up to the top-floor treatment rooms, with their stunning, far-reaching views over Hyde Park, for a 30-minute session.

The Four-Cheek Facial makes use of two FOREO devices, the LUNA 4 and the LUNA 4 Body, and the treatment takes place in two parts. Starting with your face, the beauty therapist will glide the LUNA 4 over your dampened skin, using the FOREO Micro-Foam Cleanser to really penetrate any dirt beneath the surface. The small circular motions and vibrations feel a little odd at first, but you get used to it pretty quickly. The premium treatment removes dead skin, leaving behind glowing, newer skin, so you can really put your best foot face forward.

a close up of a woman a FOREO device for a facial

The device is then swapped for the LUNA 4 Body, which is glided over your bottom in circular motions using the FOREO Micro-Foam Cleanser again. Despite being smaller in size, the vibrations of this device are a lot more intense than the first one, and give off muscle massager vibes, especially when used a day after a glutes workout. A cleanse and a massage? Bliss! Again, thanks to the super-soft, silicone bristles of FOREO’s devices (35 times more hygienic than nylon, FYI), the treatment doesn’t feel as though it is stripping your skin, although you’re getting a really deep clean. In fact, the device is specifically designed to keep the skin’s natural barriers intact, which is especially important during the harsh winter months. At the end of the session, the moisture is sealed in using moisturiser and the ultra-hydrating, antioxidant-rich FOREO Serum Serum Serum.

I’ve always had pretty soft skin, despite having a minimal skincare routine, so I was initially skeptical that the Four-Cheek Facial would have any noticeable results. However, I was left with a brand-spankingly-new appreciation for this treatment. I was so pleasantly surprised: the skin on my face and bottom were marginally softer and smoother, and the results were long-lasting.

Four Seasons Spa treatment tables overlooking Hyde Park
Photo: Four Seasons

To experience the treatment this December, you’ll need to make a booking on the spa’s website. Bookings are open from this Friday (November 25).

If you’re unable to head down, you can purchase the devices and products used in the treatment online, and although the name suggests it’s just for your, erm, four cheeks, you can use the devices daily all over your body should you wish.