Stiletto nails | here’s how to achieve pointy perfection

When Kim Kardashian stepped out with stiletto nails not once, but twice in the same week, we knew the pointy-nail trend had gone up a notch. Why? because Kim is renowned for her more pared-back approach to nails, often leaning on trusty neutral-pink tones.

She even tweeted once about how much she hated impractical nails, saying, “Long nails are soooo not my thing!!! I can’t put my necklace on! Cant hardly type and I just can’t do anything!!! Annoyed on another level.” Dramatic.

Her nail vibe has always been especially safe compared to her sister’s, Khloe Kardashian, who consistently serves up iconic nail inspiration via her IG account. Well, it looks like Khloe’s got some healthy competition – get your stiletto claws out, girls.

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Kim’s first foray into stiletto nails was for the Baby2Baby Gala, with a design coined “Stiletto French Nails” by her long-time nail artist Kim Truong. In other words, super-long pink nails, filed into a sharp tapered point with a white tip, to match her head-to-toe pink outfit and miniature Balenciaga bag.

Over on her Instagram page, Truong revealed that she used the Gel Bottle Inc’s DesignEx Pro Tips in the Long Stiletto to craft the shape, before painting on the pink and white design with the brand’s Studio Gel polishes in shades Marshmallow and Daisy.

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