The Natural History Museum’s Animatronic T-Rex Has Cosied Up In A Christmas Jumper

No day out at the Natural History Museum is complete without a visit to their roaring, stomping, and generally awe-inducing animatronic T-Rex. But now that spectacle comes with an added side of Christmas whimsy. The fearsome T-Rex has been kitted out with its own Christmas jumper, allowing even the most terrifying of apex predators to join in with the festive fun. Good to see everyone’s getting into the Christmas spirit!

I’d imagine that finding a Christmas jumper big enough was no easy feat… Not to mention the ‘little’ Santa hat! Anyway, the jumper is exceedingly on-trend, with all manner of Santa-hat-capped dinosaurs covering the whole affair. Dare we say it? It’s kind of snazzy!

Wondering how they were able to slip those tiny arms and fearsome jaw into the jumper? They’ve helpfully released a peek behind the scenes into how they got the T-Rex into the festive garment.

Your chance to match jumpers with a T-Rex

Happily, if you’d like to take the rare opportunity to co-ordinate your outfit with one of history’s deadliest predators, you can! The Natural History Museum is selling human-sized versions of the dinosaur Christmas jumper at their museum shop. The jumper will also be available through the online shop, once they’ve finished stocking it at the end of November. Keep an eye on their site to be one of the first to grab it when it’s dropped!

It’s the perfect choice to give your Christmas wardrobe a bit of bite. The jumpers are made with 100% recycled materials, so you can sport it with pride knowing you’ve done some good for the environment with your purchase. Plus, who can pass up the chance to snap a picture next to a T-Rex in matching sweaters?

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