A Dazzling Light Trail Of Illuminated Adventure Awaits You At This London Park

Us Londoners, we’re not really the sort to do anything by halves; especially when it’s the festive season! Even the briefest of walks around the city will find you coming face-to-face with some of the most dazzling Christmas lights and absolutely tree-mendous Christmas trees. And when it comes to immersive, interactive light shows with grand illuminated sculptures and installations – yeah, we sure do those pretty well too. And one such (award-winning, we might add) example is the incredible Lightopia, which has returned to London and will run through to January 2, 2023.

The bright trail fills Crystal Palace Park with sculptures, art installations, and lanterns all lit up and glowing with a rainbow of colours. Among the sights are fairy-tale creatures, circus animals, enormous Christmas decorations, out-of-this-world creations, and much more. There’s even a giant dragon waiting along the trail for guests to find! There’s a whole lot to see…

the huge christmas decoration installation at lightopia, which finds an oversized christmas bauble covered in lights, with an opening for visitors to walk in and through it
Credit: Lightopia

It’s the perfect marriage of old and new. The lanterns are handmade from Chinese silk, in a tradition which dates back hundreds of years. These are combined with state-of-the-art light technology to create the entrancing illuminations. The interactive components add to the magic with light shows that play over guests, and installations that are triggered by guests. You can find out what to expect thanks to their handy little map of the trail:

a map of lightopia London's installations and attractions
Credit: Lightopia

Instagram opportunities abound at Lightopia, so you’ll want to arrive with a fully charged phone, and cameras at the ready! To keep you fed and watered as you make your way around the site, you can grab hot chocolate (including the boozy kind if you’re so inclined), mulled wine, and plenty of hot foods and snacks at various stops along the trail. There’s also a café halfway along the route for visitors to rest up and refuel.

neon butterflies at Lightopia
Credit: Lightopia

Lightopia has been such a hit that they’ve also dropped down in Manchester, at Alton Towers Resort, and in Brussels. This sure ain’t no slapdash, thrown-together show – it’s a proper experience. And you don’t want to miss it.

an illuminated water show at Lightopia
Credit: Lightopia

Find Lightopia at Crystal Palace Park, SE19 2GA. Nearest station is Crystal Palace. Head to the website to find out more and grab your tickets.

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