TikTok Users Are Showing Makeup In Different Lighting To Show Real Skin Texture

TikTok throws up all manner of unusual makeup trends the majority of the time – from menstrual blood face masks to fork contouring – but the app is packed with empowering and confidence-boosting beauty content, too. 

The latest trend sees creators showing their makeup looks in different lighting, in order to show how skin can look totally different in different scenarios – and that the flawless faces we often see on TikTok aren’t always the reality.

The majority are titled ‘How makeup looks in different lighting’, with an influencer beginning the video in a typically well-lit environment, before showing things like pores and skin texture can be more visible in natural light.

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“Don’t compare yourself to anyone else. Texture is NORMAL,” creator @cgbeautyxo writes, while @makeupbymelissa captioned hers: “Reminder that you’re not doing your makeup wrong, real skin has texture!”

One commenter replied: “Thank you for these videos! One of the big reasons I fell out of love with makeup is because ‘it doesn’t look the way it does on these other girls’.” Melissa then honestly replied: “Some people just have really good skin but most of the time it’s all just lighting and filters.” Amen.

Truthfully, skin texture varies from person to person – you may find your pores are more visible, or you may have some small bumps or acne scars. Then there’s fine lines and wrinkles. All normal. 

In many online videos, creators use lighting setups to give a professional finish to their content – understandably – though it can also give the skin a soft glow and even a blurring effect, which just doesn’t reflect reality.

So next time you’re trying to recreate your favourite TikToker’s makeup look and it doesn’t quite shape up, remember that real skin doesn’t live life through a filter. Plus, pores are cute (and functional). Don’t let anyone make you think otherwise.