This Delightful Neighbourhood Restaurant Comes From London Bakery Royalty • Eline

Spend any time scrolling through Instagram or TikTok and you’re likely to have come across one of London’s most venerated bakeries, Pophams. Indeed, if you’ve wandered around the London streets near their three locations you may have stumbled across the queues of people waiting for their baked goods. Or perhaps you’ve peered in through their windows in vain hope for a seat at the ever-full tables. To call Pophams popular in London is the understatement of the century. So when a new venture lands in London, spearheaded by ex-Pophams staff, you pay attention. Enter: Hoxton’s newest neighbourhood restaurant and wine bar, Eline.

pans hanging from the wall of eline, with shelves of wine visible on the right
Credit: Adrianna Giakoumis

Eline comes from chef Alex Reynolds and wine enthusiast Maria Viviani, and they’re helped out by their adorable little dog, Kimchi. Named after Alex’s French grandmother, the restaurant is dedicated to her love of “cooking, good restaurants and her grandson.” It’s a gorgeously laid-back venue, with a simple, and humble goal: “We hope you enjoy a great meal and feel at home in our little restaurant.”

On the menu at Eline

As a seasonal restaurant, the menu at Eline changes monthly. Dishes make use of produce at its peak, sourced as locally as possible, and chef Alex’s focus is on extracting as much flavour as he can from each ingredient. On the menu for December are dishes with ingredients ranging from partridge to barbecued scallop, truffle, duck, and more.

a plate of food from eline, with charred cabbage, a piece of duck, and more, arranged around the plate
Credit: Adrianna Giakoumis

And since he’s come from Pophams, you’ll definitely want to leave room for dessert at the end of your meal! They’re big-hitter deserts too, packed with warming comfort. Choices include pear tarte tatin, cardamom custard tart, and a rich, molten chocolate fondant. Oh, and we have to mention the dulce de leche flan. It’s a favourite of Maria, and you don’t want to miss it when it’s available.

the cardamom custard tart and chocolate fondant, both with a scoop of ice cream, from eline
Credit: Adrianna Giakoumis

Yeah, my mouth is quite literally watering as I write these words ahead of lunch…

Kimchi’s Bottle Shop

Because every great venue with a dog involved, must name some portion of it after the dog, right? Operating throughout the day, Kimchi’s Bottle Shop allows Maria Viviani to share her love of natural and low-intervention wines outside of the restaurant service. It’s the perfect place to purchase a special bottle for the festive gifting, or just to grab something to drink for the evening. Options include Langhe Nebbiolo from independent winemakers Lalu in Piedmont, Italy and small batch, natural English wines from Dan and Nicola Ham at Offbeat Wines.

a selection of open wines, with glasses of vary fill levels, arranged around them
Credit: Adrianna Giakoumis

Keep an eye on Eline’s Instagram page for the regularly recurring story feature, Kimchi’s Choice, for the best wine recs in town. I don’t know about you, but I’m officially no longer taking wine advice unless it comes from a cute dog!

Christmas at Eline

Eline is celebrating the Christmas season with a special Christmas Sunday Roast in the lead up to the special day. On December 18 a ticketed event will see them serving guests a three-course meal of delicious British classics and wines. They’re also promising perfectly crispy roast potatoes. Head to their Instagram to find out how you can grab tickets.

Eline is sweet and authentic. There’s a genuine sense of care in what they’re doing, simply “working together and making people happy through delicious food and wine.” It may be a simple thing, but it’s an important thing. With Eline they’re bringing dining back to its core purpose – nourishment, pleasure, and connection with people. And great wine.

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