Big Mamma Are Opening A Luxurious Four-Storey ‘Pleasure Palace’ Restaurant

Anyone with their eyes fixed on the London Italian restaurant scene (or just frequent readers of our website) will have heard of Big Mamma; the super decorated, super tasty trio of restaurants in London. Ave Mario, Gloria, and Circolo Popolare are the restaurants in London, but you’ll find them scattered all over Europe – from Paris to Lyon to Madrid to Berlin.

Now, it looks like we’re getting our fourth member of the London Big Mamma family, and that grand occasion is being marked by a four-storey “pleasure palace” in Kensington. Landing on January 20 2023, Jacuzzi is Big Mamma’s first venture into west London, and if the name is anything to go by they’ll be making a big splash.

Promising to be their most luxurious restaurant to date, – and, let’s face it, we believe that pledge when it’s set to be a pleasure palace for God’s sake! – Jacuzzi will be a heavenly paradise of food set across four floors and 4,000 square feet. Venture up three flights and you’ll find a Sicilian mezzanine with a retractable roof opening out to the bustle of High Street Kensington. Plus, while we aren’t normally shouting about the toilets when visiting a new restaurant, these ones have piqued our interest. Why? There’s glitter disco balls in them.

But all this eye-watering décor must be matched with mouth0watering plates, so it’s a good thing this is the Big Mamma collective we’re talking about. Head chef Manuel is showcasing the finest ingredients from their Italian suppliers, so expect the likes of Culatello di Zibello from Onesto Ghiradi served with gnocchi fritti or Burrata with fresh seasonal truffle to start things off.

Then you can lick your lips and prepare for the headliners: I’ve got my eye on the Lobster Risotto with half lobster, clams, red gurnard and cuttlefish, though mushroom champions can opt for the famous truffle pasta; a two-person affair fresh black truffle, truffle cream and parmigiano foam, in a 4kg wheel of pecorino. Top the evening off with a Cioccolato Fondue and you’re night will be complete. If you’re four floors up after all that food, maybe give yourself a breather before making the trip back down. After all, you probably weren’t done taking in Jacuzzi’s fabulous decorations anyway!

Jacuzzi lands in High Street Kensington on January 20, 2023. Read about Big Mamma on their website.