A Weather Warning Has Been Issued For Snowy Conditions In London This Weekend

We don’t know if you noticed, but it’s pretty cold as of late! And whenever the temperatures drop, the first thing on every Londoners lips is the question of snow. “Will it snow in London this year? This Christmas?” Well, it certainly looks to be on the way! Now, the snow may be pretty, but it’s still important to take care with the conditions it causes. As such the Met Office has issued a yellow warning for snow and ice for this Sunday (December 11).

There were already reports of snow in various parts of London this cold, wintry morning. A sprinkling hit South London at 9AM, as reported by one of our very own Secret London writers who eagerly texted the team the news. Twitter also bore signs of early morning snow in London today:

Looking ahead to the weekend (the rain has already washed away the South London snow in typical London fashion), Sunday looks to be a pretty snowy one! The Met Office is forecasting afternoon snow with temperatures hovering around 0°. They have also announced a yellow alert for the whole of Sunday, warning of snow and ice from Sunday evening through to Monday morning.

a screenshot of the London snow forecast and yellow warning from the Met Office
Credit: Met Office

Meanwhile, northern parts of the UK have yellow weather warnings currently in effect for snow and ice from today through to Sunday.

The snow in London will no doubt wash away shortly after it’s fallen. But there’s something about it that really brings an incredible amount of cheer to Christmas. It feels like the movies, and it just adds a wonderful touch to the festivities. Who wouldn’t want to be wandering around a Christmas market or enjoying the Christmas lights only for snow to start falling from the sky?

a red phone box and post box after a heavy snowfall
Credit: Shutterstock – Photo by RTimages

(Psst, you can also always head over to Covent Garden if you need a snowy experience!)

Keep up to date with the weather forecast, and the yellow warning, as the weekend goes on by keeping an eye on the Met Office website.