IKEA Is Rescuing You From The Perils Of Christmas Shopping This Weekend

We love this time of year at Secret London – it truly is the most wonderful time of the year, especially when you’re luck enough to celebrate Christmas in London. But there is one major downside to it all: the Christmas shopping. Now, the hardest part of Christmas shopping is not the time crush. In theory you have all year to prepare for it (although in reality, who else forgets to do anything until December 15?). Nor is it the selection of gifts, no matter how hard that may sometimes be. It’s carrying the bloody presents home! Who hasn’t found themselves weighed down, juggling 13 different shopping, bags as you rush from shop to shop desperately trying to buy all the needed gifts? Enter: IKEA, who are giving away 50,000 FRAKTA bags this weekend (November 10-11) to overladen shoppers.

someone carrying a whole load of shopping bags, some small and some very large
Credit: Shutterstock – Photo by veryulissa

Alright, alright, there’s no doubt more than a few of you piping up with your comments of “that’s why I buy all the gifts online!” But where’s the fun in that? You’ve lost the joy in stumbling across a great gift that you hadn’t thought of until you laid eyes on it in a small shop you’ve never been into before. And you also miss your chance at sipping on glühwein from the Christmas markets as you browse and try to find a gift for that one weird uncle of yours.

Anyway, you’re still going to have to carry those gifts to whatever Christmas celebrations you’re attending so you can hand over the gift to the recipient. And don’t tell me you just have your gifts delivered straight to the recipient themselves. We’re not even going there…

What the FRAKTA is a FRAKTA bag?

someone in a white room holding an IKEA FRAKTA bag
Credit: IKEA

You may not know it by name – only superfans can recognise any kind of IKEA furniture or item by the name alone – but you definitely know the bag. That iconic blue and yellow bag that has come to the rescue during house moves and weekly grocery shopping trips. IKEA describes it as “one of the most hardworking bags in the world.” It’s so recognisable, in fact, that Balenciaga seem to have been inspired by them for a 2017 tote bag design. You know what they say, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!

The giveaway

IKEA staff-members will be planting themselves along Oxford Street at the busiest intersections, giving away 50,000 bags over the course of the weekend. Between 10AM and 4PM keep an eye out for those iconic yellow IKEA fleeces. That’s how you’ll know where to grab your own completely free FRAKTA bag. But be aware: when the bags are gone, that’s it! So don’t head down too late if you don’t want to be disappointed.Oxford Circus is set to become a sea of blue as thousands of shoppers fill their new FRAKTA bags with their festive shopping.

people walking past IKEA's soon to open Oxford Circus location
Credit: IKEA

IKEA’s new Oxford Circus store may not be open just yet, but they’re still making themselves well and truly known in the area as they come to save your arms from the weight of Christmas.