13 Best Thermals for Women in Winter 2023

If you were dreaming of a white Christmas this year, you’ve got one. It’s currently -1°C outside in the UK, and we’re frantically searching for the best thermals for women because of it. A light dusting of snow is one thing, but when we can practically see our breath indoors, it’s time to invest in some warm base layers.

Sure, setting up camp on the sofa in your wearable blanket with several heated throws on top of you is one way to keep cosy (and we’re not knocking it, either), but it’s not exactly practical. When the time comes to get up and socialise, you’re going to have to let your emotional support items go. Yep, that includes your hot water bottle. So, what to wear?

Three jumpers, two winter coats, fleece lined leggings, fluffy socks, a winter hat, scarf and some gloves seems like the wisest option, no? Actually, slipping on some thermals beneath your everyday clothes will mean you won’t have to wear so many layers. The clue is in the name; they do all the hard work for you. 

The best part? They’re not the old-fashioned long johns we once knew – they’re actually quite wearable. Think: thermal tops and thermal socks that you wouldn’t mind wearing to the pub. Need proof? High street retailers like Marks & Spencer and Uniqlo have a whole host of thermal gear on their websites at the moment, and if they’ve given them the nod of approval then who are we to judge?

It has to be said: we’re not the best at handling these conditions as a country, are we? Despite the fact that we face extreme winters nearly every year now, we’re always unprepared and panicked by the first sight of sub-zero temperatures. While we can’t do anything about things like travel disruptions, we can do something about keeping warm. Treating yourself to some of the best thermals is one of the smartest moves you can make this winter, especially if you’re someone who still absolutely refuses to turn their heating up. With that, here are 13 of our top picks…

Best Thermals For Women To Maintain Body Heat

Cordova Ribbed Thermal Leggings

Why we love them: Whether you’re snowboarding, backpacking or simply staying home, these ribbed thermal leggings will keep you nice and warm. Throw a hoodie over the top and they’d pass for your favourite black leggings, too.

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Best Thermals: Best Base Layers

Heatgen™ Thermal Long Sleeve Polo Neck Body

Why we love it: Winter days shouldn’t mean you scrimp on style, not when there are thermals that look as stylish as this rollneck bodysuit from M&S.

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Best Thermals: Spandex/Elastane Base Layer Top

Cordova Ribbed Thermal Top

Why we love it: It may be designed to wear with the matching leggings when you’re hitting the slopes of your next ski trip, but we say if it’s good enough for that level of snow it’s certainly good enough for the UK.

Best Thermals For Outdoor Activities: Breathable Socks 

3pk Thermal Sumptuously Soft™ Ankle High Socks

Why we love them: Don’t forget about your feet when you’re investing in the best thermals. You’ll be grateful you didn’t, trust us. This pack includes three pairs of socks for £10, TYVM Marks & Spencer.

Best Thermals For Cold Weather: Ultra Warm Gloves

Heat Holders Women’s Thermal Gloves

Why we love them: If you’re someone who suffers with cold hands no matter how warm it is inside or out, then these thermal gloves are an absolute must. They’re thin enough to still go about your activities, but you’ll notice the difference when you’re wearing them.

Best Mid-Layer Thermals: Thermal Clothing For Extreme Cold

Merino Womens Zip-Neck Thermal Top II

Why we love it: Made with merino wool, this top is naturally antibacterial, breathable and wicks moisture away from the skin, making it perfect for an active lifestyle (or not).