The UK’s First Christmas Afternoon Tea For Dogs Has Arrived In London

London has plenty of fine afternoon teas but, for dog-owners, the experience will often come with one minor piece of baggage in the form of two scenarios. Either the venue isn’t pet-friendly, or your furry friend is left giving puppy eyes at your plates as you tuck into your nosh.

That pair of problems is no more. At least, at Pawsitive Café it’s not—they’ve just launched the UK’s first Christmas afternoon tea for dogs over in Notting Hill. Read that sentence aloud, and Fido’s ears might just prick up, putting on a face that says “what’s on the menu for me?”

Better indulge that very question then, shouldn’t I? Curious canines: you can sink your teeth into a special afternoon tea for dogs, made up of turkey and egg sandwiches, apple peanut butter cupcakes and fruit tart. There’s also true beef meatballs with courgette; and scrambled eggs with broccoli and carrot. Any choice is sure to provide both bark and bite, in the best way possible.

The human Christmas menu – which is obviously of less importance here – also has some pretty fine options on it. Tuck into a golden roasted turkey dish; a Christmas wreath baked salmon option; a rosemary roasted chicken; or a roasted aubergine alongside your pup to deliver the true meaning of Christmas: family time.

Following the meal, your four-legged ride-or-die is likely to still have energy to burn, so the holy Pawsitive trinity of doggy ballpit, swing and play area is sure to be just the tonic for them.

We’re indebted to Pawsitive Café for this fine creation, who run a lovely little space focused on the mental health benefits we gain from hanging out with dogs, which is speaking our language to a tee. It has an added focus on Feng Shui design and calming colour palettes, with owner Alicia ensuring that each detail of the café encourages playfulness, community and mindfulness.

All year round, Pawsitive Café serves up a delightful menu of Malaysian food, and is also a popular spot for freelance workers with plugs and cubby holes under seats to stash laptop bags; though dogs have been known to steal the spot before you can!

Owner Alicia said: “My dog is not just my dog. My dog is my happiness, my inspiration, my sanity and my world.

“Dogs are well known to be great for our mental health, but looking after mental health goes both ways and that’s why I created the cafe because it’s also down to the pet owner to look after the dog and treat the dog.”

Oh, and in case you were wondering, Alicia’s dog Domino is known to be present at Pawsitive, which is a bonus we are all behind.

Read more about Pawsitive Café and book your place on their website. Find it at 52 Westbourne Grove, W2 5SH.