The ‘vanilla girl aesthetic’ is here, and it’s TikTok’s antidote to summer’s ‘weird girl’ trend

Another day, another Tiktok trend (opens in new tab) to talk about. The look sweeping the video platform this week? None other than the ‘vanilla girl aesthetic.’ With 130 million views and counting, this trend is one that champions all things beige, cream, cosy and minimalist. 

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As far as your winter wardrobe is concerned, this trend could not have come at a better time. Think off-white-cable knit jumpers (opens in new tab), neutral-toned scarves and oversize cream coats (opens in new tab). It’s all about wearing different shades of the same colour and keeping the look as pared back as possible. According to Pour Moi, (opens in new tab) Google searches for ‘vanilla girl’ have risen 78% in the last month, globally.

Vanilla Girl Tiktok trend

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In a year when we’ve seen maximalism reign supreme, the ‘vanilla girl’ trend feels like a major step change, representing the antithesis to this summer’s ‘weird girl’ look. 

From Tiktok to Instagram, people were embracing a more is more, over-the-top aesthetic (opens in new tab), which saw different prints, colours and textures styled together in looks that purposefully mismatched. As many publications reported at the time, the style was championed most prominently by supermodel Bella Hadid (opens in new tab)

If the ‘weird girl’ trend felt a little too out there for you, then ‘vanilla girl’ might just be the solution you’ve been searching for. 

The beauty of this aesthetic is that it doesn’t feel particularly trend-led meaning that investing in pieces that embody the look (cream slip skirts, white knit jumpers, beige scarves etc) will actually result in investing in staples that you’ll wear for years to come. 

This isn’t a wear-once-and-throw-away kind of look. No, the ‘vanilla girl’ represents all that is classic and timeless.

Vanilla Girl Aesthetic

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