Zara is the most listed pre-loved brand of 2022, but could this actually be highlighting a larger problem?

As the year draws to a close, companies are beginning to take stock of the last 12 months, analysing all that has happened in 2022. From the top trends to the most in-demand accessories, brands are set on revealing all the data and insight you could want to know. 

Today, a new study has been released, showcasing data on the most listed brands on resale sites (opens in new tab). Savoo has analysed the number of listings across resale sites including Depop (opens in new tab), eBay, Vestiaire Collective and ASOS Marketplace, to determine the top listed pre-loved brand. 

According to Savoo (opens in new tab), Zara has earned the number one spot as the most-listed brand of 2022, followed by Nike, Adidas and H&M. 

Savoo’s statistics state that there are currently 439,696 Zara items listed on Depop, 170,000 Zara items listed on eBay, 57,781 Zara items listed on Vestiaire Collective, and 3,139 Zara items listed on ASOS Marketplace. 

This totals 670,616 second-hand Zara items that are currently available across the four resale sites. 

While this may seem like a positive step forward for fashion circularity, these statistics don’t offer any details on how many Zara items are actually being sold. So it’s unclear whether or not there is enough demand to meet this very large supply. 

Although the number of Zara items available stands at well over half a million (and is most likely climbing by the day), by contrast, the report states that there are only 590 monthly searches for secondhand items Zara items worldwide.

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This statistic comes at an interesting time, as Zara has actually just launched its very own resale platform. The brand recently launched Zara Resell which allows customers to list their pre-loved Zara items to be resold directly on the Zara website. 

Alongside this, Zara has also launched a repair service, meaning that you can now send in your damaged Zara items to be repaired, thereby extending the life span of their clothing. According to the website, the service allows customers to fix a button for £3, adjust the hem of a dress for £15, replace a zip for £15 or ‘debobble’ a knit for £8. 

The fact that Zara has now created a specific space for customers to resell and repair their items is undeniably a step in the right direction. We can only hope that shoppers will continue to consume consciously, buying items they actually intend to keep and wear for years to come.