Dyson Supersonic Hairdryer Review UK: How to Get £75 Off

Picking it up, it felt distinctly lighter than any other hair dryer I’ve held, as well as more streamlined, which is particularly impressive considering it contains a digital motor that is six times more powerful than a traditional hair dryer.

It has three air flow settings: hight, for fast drying and styling, medium for regular drying and low for diffusing, as well as four heat settings. 100°C for fast drying and styling, 80°C for regular drying, 60°C for cooler drying and diffusing and 28°C – the constant cold setting.

On all of the heat settings, the Supersonic’s Intelligent Heat Control System measures the air temperature over 40 times per minute, correcting itself constantly in order to protect your hair from unnecessary damage.

It comes with five styling attachments which are magnetic (and therefore super easy to switch between when you’re styling your hair). The star of the show? The new flyaway attachment which was inspired by professional stylists. It harnesses the Coanda effect to lift longer hairs and hide flyaways, giving you a smooth and salon-quality finish. Another attachment worth noting? The styling concentrator, which creates a high-velocity blade of air that’s perfect for styling curly hair. And because the air is focused, you can style one section at a time – without disturbing the rest.

Another huge plus is how quiet the device is. Usually hair dryers drown out all possibility of having any kind of conversation but the Supersonic was designed by a team of Dyson aero-acoustic engineers who pushed one tone within the motor to a sound frequency beyond the audible range for humans. Clever.

As for my hair? I used the diffuser attachment to scrunch my naturally wavy hair on medium heat and within five minutes, my hair was dry, slightly curly and endlessly shiny. In other words, I would say the Supersonic is most definitely worth the price tag.

Dyson Supersonic hair dryer Iron/Fuchsia

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