These Mouthwatering ‘Supreme Croissants’ Have Gone Viral And It’s Easy To See Why

Supreme by name, supreme by flavour. Croissants by chef Phillipe Conticini are just that; and seriously delicious, if you’re asking.

Don’t just take my word for it, though. The entire internet – well, food circles on social media, anyway – are raving about these creations. A quick search of supreme croissants, or Phillipe Conticini croissants, on the ‘gram will give you endless scrollable content to consume before sprinting out to try one for yourself.

What gives supreme croissants that viral edge? Well, the shape is what catches the eye. Circular… odd, right? Certainly being playful with a tried and tested to formula to great effect. When it looks that divine, who are we to be pernickety about conventions. It tackles the classic croissant shape and raises it with the look of a thicker, pastry made frisbee that whizzes out of the phone screen, and, eventually (Tube rides to get food can take time), into your stomach.

Image:, Instagram

Then there’s the filling. My god, would you just look at those fillings. Pistachio seems to be the crowd-pleaser, but the hazelnut praline tickles the cravings in a big way too. Oozing out over the side, they’re the final touch that have Londoners flocking to find them like the Finding Nemo seagulls. It’s no wonder that just about every snap of these beauties on Instagram is met with frantic “WHERE DO I FIND THESE?!” comments.

Thankfully, you won’t have to head all the way to 42 Wallaby Way, Sydney to find these; they are indeed attainable in the big smoke. P. Sherman? No, chef Phillipe Conticini is who you’re looking for. His creations are well and truly viral, and there’s a few places you can find them.

Image: @kar_nnoisseur, Instagram

Like some other not-so-dainty desserts—the over the top, supreme kind (looking at you, Chin Chin)—, you can find the croissants at Camden Market. Shuffle a little further towards Camden High Street, and you’ll find another Phillipe Conticini location at Buck Street Market.

North London is clearly spoiled when it comes to the Supreme Croissant, but west London aren’t left wanting, either: the final one of the Phillipe Conticini pastry trilogy can be found in South Kensington. (Find the address of your nearest boutique here).

You have the information. You are hungry from looking at these pictures. What are you still doing on this page? Follow these instructions to the letter: pick up smartphone. Leave house. Skip to market. Ask for Supreme Croissant. Snap snap. Chomp chomp. Press ‘upload now’. Done. Viral.

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