9 Reasons Why Boxing Day Is Actually Better Than Christmas Day

Yes, I can tell you’re shouting at us right now – but hear our argument for Boxing Day out…

1. Leftovers.

Turkey sandwiches. ‘Nuff said.

2. There’s no more awkward present opening.

We’re all familiar with the awkwardness of opening a present, only to discover that it’s another box of Roses from Auntie Jean, a pair of socks from weird Uncle Martin or an itchy jumper from Granny Sue. You’ve mastered the fake “Oh my god I love it!” spiel, but you can relax your face muscles today.

3. Drunk Uncle Pete and Nosey Auntie Maureen have probably left.

No more awkward “So have you got a boyfriend yet?” chat with relatives you only see once a year. Now they’ve left you no longer have to worry about the fact that no, you haven’t got a boyfriend yet and no, you don’t have an obvious career path.

4. The shops are open.

Everyone tends to bulk buy before the Christmas lock-down, but when there are extra family members pitching up, it’s quite possible that you’ll need to stock up on extra milk or, more importantly, wine. Many shops shut for 24 hours and the whole country goes berserk but, by 9am on Boxing Day, the panic is over and the world carries on turning.

5. There’s loads of great TV.

Everyone knows that Boxing Day is the best day for TV. There’s all the best films, The Big Fat Quiz of the Year, and a big ole’ Only Fools and Horses marathon. It’s the perfect day for lounging on the sofa and doing not a lot else.

6. You *can* hit the sales.

If you’re feeling slightly mental, the Boxing Day sales may appeal to you. You can even start the day early (we’re talking pre-5am) and still have time to spend the rest of the day lounging around on the sofa.

7. You no longer have to worry about whether people like the presents you bought them.

Because now you know they don’t. (Just kidding). The art of buying, wrapping and giving presents can be extremely stressful but, now that Christmas Day is over, you don’t have to worry about that for another year.

8. You don’t have to leave your bed.

Of course, you don’t actually have to get out of bed at all. (Although it’s recommended, if only for the turkey sandwiches).

9. It’s basically just Christmas Day 2.0

There’s lots of food, lots of drinking and lots of food. (Not a typo, we repeated ‘food’ on purpose). So it’s essentially just an extension of the day before. We’ll cheers to that…!

All GIFs from Giphy.

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