33 Best Makeup Brands Of 2002 & All Time, According to GLAMOUR Editors

If you’re out here thinking you’re alone when it comes to trying to comprehend – let alone shop – the sheer amount of makeup brands that are available, then stop, because you’re not. In fact, it’s no wonder so many people feel that way, especially when a quick Google search for the “best makeup brands” throws up more than 2.3 million (!) results. 

But if you’re wanting to refresh your makeup bag, or just find out which brands the experts are obsessed with and what will always take pride of place on their dressing tables, you’ve come to the right place. Here, a bunch of GLAMOUR editors and beauty insiders – whose job it is to sort the best from the rest – have shared the secrets of the makeup brands that they rely on, use every single day and trust implicitly. We know it’s a hard job but somebody has to do it, right?

Whether you’ve been curious about trying Pat McGrath’s synonymous range, or you’re wondering if those Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks really do live up to the hype – or maybe you’re just not sure what brand you want to try next, but if you’re in the market to treat yourself – keep reading. We’ve rounded up the very best makeup brands that we go back to time and time again, and the ones that we know will deliver on their promises every single time.

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