17 Rising Stars To Know For 2023 And What To Catch Them In

Whether it be our television screens, streaming services or the cinemas, we are so excited for the complete slate of film and television releases for 2023 – and the rising stars that come with them.

Of course, all these hotly-anticipated projects are only complete with their line-up of unbelievably talented actors, who are set to bring varying storylines to life on the big and small screen. And while we have our favourite Hollywood names to entertain us once again next year, several rising stars are bubbling up under the surface to make their mark known in the entertainment space for 2023 – and frankly, we can’t rave about them enough because they just prove that the future of the industry is in good hands.

From those with career-making turns, such as Halle Bailey in the Disney remake of The Little Mermaid, to the new superhero IT girl, Kathryn Newton, to independent movie darlings on the cusp of their big Hollywood break like Rosy McEwan, the new talent out there is insane. While we can’t keep track of every film and television newcomer out there, we have done our best to whittle down the talent to 17 rising stars who are set to make waves in 2023. Get to know more about them, their acting CV so far, and what you can catch them in the next year before they become bonafide Oscar-winners one day!