An Acclaimed Patisserie Is Making Their London Debut With A Luxury Donut Boutique • Donutelier

There’s something about donuts (or, doughnuts to some – but let’s not get into that argument). They seem simple, but anyone who has tried to make them will attest to their difficulty, and the expertise required to make great donuts. London certainly doesn’t have any shortage of great donut places either, as a city full of great bakeries, but we’ll always welcome new additions to the fold. Enter: Donutelier by Roladin. It’s the UK’s first Roladin, and the first Roladin venue to be dedicated to their legendary donuts.

the st honore donut, which finds a profiterole topping the donut
Credit: Dontelier by Roladin

Promising up the most luxurious donuts that London has ever seen, Donutelier takes inspiration from the intricate craftsmanship of the world’s greatest fashion ateliers. Careful consideration and care goes into each product they put out. There’s an emphasis on using the finest ingredients, with each piece of edible art recognisable by Roladin’s unique, expertly hand-crafted and ornate designs. They’re set to open in January, 2023, and we simply can’t wait.

a render of the donutelier by roladin shopfront
Credit: Donutelier by Roladin

Visitors to the Donutelier will be able to watch every step of the donut making process. The team of expert pastry chefs fry the light airy dough into fluffy golden delights before taking their time decorating each donut. All this takes place in a veritable donut heaven: palatial environs that are all brass and marble and luxury. Donuts are displayed atop brass cake stands, and donut boxes come in gorgeous shades of pink and orange. It’s a true celebration of the donut as more than just a donut, but something worthy of pride, praise, and the time and effort that the pastry chefs put into them at Donutelier.

The donuts at Donutelier

the pistachio donut from donutelier
Credit: Donutelier by Roladin

Donutelier by Roladin will offer up a selection of special donuts, designed specifically for the London store, as well as the brand’s signature donuts. We’re definitely going straight for the Pistachio filled with chantilly cream and marbled pistachio, and then topped off with an almond sable, pistachio nibs and dried raspberries. But the other flavours sound incredible too, from the Dulcey Peanut Caramel with Dulcey fleur de sel ganache, to the Pink Royal featuring wild berry cream topped with mini strawberry meringues. But those flavours hardly even scratch the surface of their offerings.

the pink royal donut from donutelier
Credit: Donutelier by Roladin

They’ll also be offering up a variety of delicious pastries – how could they not with the brand’s storied history as a luxury patisserie? Expect cruffins, danishes, croissants, and cookies, in addition to the titular donuts. But, let’s be real, we’re all going for the donuts.

Said Arik Waiss, CEO & Partner of Donutelier by Roladin:

“We are excited to bring some of the most innovative and luxurious doughnuts the world has ever seen to London. For the first time we are launching Roladin in the UK with a brand new store, debuting our signature doughnuts which will be freshly prepared on site. The store will be a new experience for Londoners and for this reason we are very excited for the opening this winter.”

Come opening day you’ll definitely find us standing outside the store, noses pressed against the glass, marvelling at the donut delights.

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