London’s Futuristic Dali : Cybernetics Art Exhibition, With Its ‘Metaverse’ Experience, Is Now Open

Dali : Cybernetics is one of the world’s first digital-led art exhibitions, making use of VR capabilities in a totally new way. We’re talking stepping into the metaverse. 2023? More like 3023! It’s most definitely an experience to tick off your life list if you are an art lover, Salvador Dali fan, or just want to broaden your horizons for the new year. And, actually, you don’t have to wait until 2023 to experience it, as the exhibition opens today (December 23) at The Boiler House, located on Brick Lane.

visitors wearing VR goggles in a large exhibition room at Dali Cybernetics

What makes this art exhibition different?

One of London’s newest art exhibitions, Dali : Cybernetics is ready to wow crowds with its futuristic approach to absorbing art, paying homage to Salvador Dali’s forward thinking approach. The artworks of the surrealist painter are given a totally 360-degree digital treatment, making use of techniques like virtual reality, floor-to-ceiling projections, and music to bring his works to life.

The VR metaverse is a 15-minute experience within the exhibition where you will don a VR headset and quite literally step into Dali’s world. With total freedom of moment, you’ll feel like you’re truly in the desert, sea and space – the computer-generated world is so realistic (I got to experience it and can confirm it was unlike any other art exhibition I’d ever been to). Elements of Dali’s most iconic works, like The AntsThe Persistence of Memory and The Elephants, surround you and you feel as though they are in touching distance.

Elsewhere in the Dali : Cybernetics exhibition, you’ll be able to get creative yourself, taking part in an interactive art display, suitable for both adults and children alike, as well as chronicle Dali’s life and influences through an informative introduction at the start of the exhibit, which you can peruse at your own pace. Much like the ultra-impressive VR experience, there is another immersive room, this time flooding the space with floor-to-ceiling projection mapping of Dali’s works and influences of science, technology, and people. Using both 2D and 3D elements, the art of perception is played with in this room, like in Dali’s mind-bending art.

Be sure to check out Dali : Cybernetics while it is in the capital, as it will be travelling around Europe over the next four years, stopping in over 30 cities. There are even unconfirmed plans for a future tour in America and Asia-Pacific… Tickets for the London exhibition are available now.

Dalí Cybernetics: The Immersive Experience

From £10.90