The best cashmere jumpers to keep you snug all winter

When it comes to staying cosy in the wintertime, nothing beats a cashmere jumper. Alongside the best cosy cashmere scarves (opens in new tab), cashmere jumpers are a secret weapon in ensuring you remain warm, no matter what the weather may throw at you. 

Cashmere is a great fabric to rely on for its warmth but also for its comfort and durability (opens in new tab), and although it may err on the pricier side of things, it is certainly a wardrobe staple you will wear for years to come. If you care for your cashmere in the correct way and follow all the washing instructions, it can be an investment piece that stays in your wardrobe, providing seasons of use. 

When investing in a cashmere jumper, it is important to take into account colour and silhouette. If you’re looking for a wardrobe staple, we’d suggest a neutral shade, though it can always be fun to invest in something more statement too! 

Of course, the item can be endlessly versatile. While you might be inclined to pair it alongside trousers or jeans and your winter coat (opens in new tab) for a day at the office, styling your jumper alongside a skirt can be great for an evening out. Or throw a jumper over your favourite spring midi dress (opens in new tab) to make feel a little more winter appropriate on cooler days. 

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Best Cashmere Jumpers

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What is cashmere?

You might know that cashmere is a more luxurious type of wool, and therefore is more expensive, but do you know why? That is because it comes from a specific type of goat, the cashmere goat, which produces finer, softer hair. Each goat sheds its hair once a year, and there isn’t much of it, so it makes the fibre rarer and therefore pricier. 

How to wash cashmere:

I’ve ruined many a cashmere jumper because I’ve either been too lazy or ignorant to wash it by hand. So first off, you’ll want to check the care label as some cashmere jumpers are machine washable (M&S do a great line), but others aren’t. Usually, you’ll need to wash them by hand in warm – but not hot – water, or in certain rare cases, dry clean only. Make sure you also lay it flat to dry so that it doesn’t lose its shape, we have a full guide on how to wash and store cashmere here (opens in new tab).

Best cashmere jumpers:

While cashmere is known for being a little more expensive, there are options available for different budgets. On the high street, you’ll be hard-pressed to beat John Lewis & Partners, M&S or Uniqlo, which all have a great range of jumpers and cardigans in various colours, under £100. If you’re looking to invest in a designer piece make sure to check out the selection at Net-a-Porter and MATCHESFASHION. 

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