Otherworldly Candlelit Venues To Visit In London This New Year

With 2023, literally, around the corner, there’s no better time to start exploring new things —New year, new me, right? You could take up a cooking class, a new sport or explore London in a new light. While you may think you know the capital like the back of your hand, the truth is that there are still small corners where the magic of candlelight can transform them into new places. Don’t believe us? Well, let these 5 candlelit venues speak for themselves. —You’ll be mesmerised when you visit them!

Southwark Cathedral

In daylight, it is impressive, but when night falls and candlelight illuminates it, Southwark Cathedral becomes a whole other place. With a history dating back to the 7th century, this cathedral is one of the city’s oldest churches.

Its beautiful Gothic and Renaissance-style architecture, with its large central tower and smaller spires, creates an awe-inspiring setting for a candlelit concert. Its historical value makes Southwark Cathedral a most explore this year, which —by the way! —has been featured in movies and TV shows, like Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire and Doctor Who!

A violinist reading sheet music at a candlelight concert

A state-of-the-art building, Glaziers Hall will have you dumbfounded as you walk down its historic halls. This stunning and historic building, with beautiful architecture and rich history, dates back to the 14th century. During the day, it serves as a conference venue, but at night it transforms into the most stunning candlelit concert venue in the area.

With spectacular views of the River Thames, we can’t imagine a better place to have a memorable concert experience. All while, the soft glow of candles and the melody of a string quartet creates the most intimate atmosphere in one of London’s best-kept secrets.

Butchers Hall

A Grade II listed building, Butcher’s Hall is the headquarters of the Worshipful Company of Butchers, one of London’s oldest and most prestigious livery companies. Built-in the 17th century, its beautiful architecture still preserves its stunning timber roof and a grand central hall. Its unique and historic architecture in the heart of London makes for one of our top candlelit venues to visit and enjoy a candlelit concert too!

Designed by James Gibbs, St. Mary’s Church displays immaculate Georgian-style architecture that leaves a lasting impression on all who visit. Its stunning exterior made of red brick and stone, Corinthian columns, and a tall tower topped with a spire adds charm to Bryanston Square.

However, as the sun sets, its interior is equally impressive when it lights off with hundred of sparkling candles. Its grand nave, beautiful stained glass windows, and grand organ glow under the soft light make it one of the most impressive candlelit venues to visit this year. Check out these candlelit concerts for the best experience!

Central Hall Westminster

If there is one place where history runs through its veins, it’s Central Hall Westminster. From hosting suffragette meetings to displaying the 1966 FIFA World Cup trophy, this venue has seen it all. In 1912, J. E. K. Cutts designed the hall of this multi-purpose building in the Victorian Gothic style, making it the perfect place to experience candlelight.

Its intricate architecture adds to the warm and intimate atmosphere created by the dim light. And if you really want to be amazed, we suggest attending one of its Candlelight concerts for the real deal!