This West London Japanese Fusion Restaurant Hides An Iconic ‘Disco Loo’ • Rika Moon

There’s an absolute gem of a new restaurant in Notting Hill, where you’re set to have an experience to remember. Rika Moon serves up Japanese fusion food in in luxurious environs with warm, family-run vibes. The menu comprises dishes made from fresh, locally-sourced ingredients and the creative cocktails perfect complement the food and the decadent restaurant interiors. Added to all that, there’s a surprise waiting downstairs for diners that nip to the loo!

The menu at Rika Moon

It’s all about sharing, at Rika Moon, so be sure to order plenty of dishes. It’s a model that makes plenty of sense, as you’ll want to try as many of these dishes as you can. Among the restaurant’s signature items are the Wagyu Tataki with crispy shallots and brown butter yuzu truffle sauce, and Chilean Seabass with garlic, ginger dashi, and sea vegetables. There’s also the Miyazaki A5 Beef with foie gras miso for a properly opulent dish.

a dish of wagyu tataki with a drink next to it
Credit: Rika Moon

Added to that is the restaurant’s selection of Nigiri Sushi and Sushi Maki, ranging from Blue Fin Chu Toro Tuna to Soft Shell Crab Roll. Still not enough for you? Choose from the raw menu, or grab some small plates of Rick Shrimp Tempura or Iberico Secreto Katsu. There’s almost no end to the delicious delights.

There’s also an Omakase option for those who want to go all in on their dining experience. Hand over the decision to the chef, and settle in for a night of dishes to remember.

a close up shot of a crispy prawn sushi dish
Credit: Rika Moon

But, then, what to drink? They’ve got you more than sorted for wine and spirits, with an extensive selection, but you don’t want to miss the cocktails. For a sure bet, it has to be the Peach Highball – refreshing, bright, and ever so slightly acidic. However, the more adventurous are sure to be intrigued by the Matcha Ocha with its blend of Bacardi Quattro, Koko Kanu, condensed milk, and matcha infused soy milk. Or perhaps you’d like a twist on a classic? In that case, try the Shishorita: a shisho driven riff on a margarita.

a bright red coloured cocktail with a black salt rim and a shisho leaf and raspberry perched atop
Credit: Rika Moon

The ‘disco loo’

But now for the real star of the show. A drumroll please, everyone, for… The toilets! Okay, so maybe it’s a bit of a push (and perhaps a bit disrespectful to the chef – sorry!) to say that the toilets are the star of the show. But you know those restaurants where people rush back to the table to announce ‘you HAVE to check out the bathroom’? Yeah, Rika Moon takes that concept to a whole other level. They’ve got a full-on disco loo.

A casual, perhaps unaware, bathroom visit turns into a disco experience for Rika Moon diners who are daring enough to press the big red button. Doing so turns the toilet into a mini nightclub with rainbow flashing disco light and music blasting out of the speakers. You’ll no doubt find yourself smashing the button over and over again as you party away — in the loo. Your dining partners may come looking for you, though, after wondering why you’ve been in the toilet for over half an hour!

Behind the name

the interior of rika moon, with bar seats to the right, and cosy tables to the left
Credit: Rika Moon

Rika Moon is a venue absolutely overflowing with personality. And the name adds yet another layer of charm. Rika means ‘loved’ in Persian and ‘pear blossom’ in Japanese, while Moon is the Persian-to-English translation of founder Mahsa Salehnazhad’s given name. Rika is also the name of Mahsa’s beloved dog, who some diners may be lucky enough to meet. And for dog-owners, yup, that means exactly what you think: Rika Moon is dog friendly!

Whether you’re heading down for a light lunch, a special dinner, or just want to check out the disco loo, you won’t forget this West London restaurant any time soon.

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