A Giant New Street-Art Exhibition Is Landing At The Saatchi Gallery Next Month

By it’s name and nature, street-art is typically viewed in the great outdoors. A quick outing into London—be it to Hackney, Camden, or the Southbank—will more often than not greet you with swathes of expression across a range of surfaces.

But street art isn’t confined to the walls outside, nor to the thoroughfares of London; as this exhibition celebrating the worldwide movement will vouch for. Backed by success in New York City and Los Angeles, Beyond The Streets arrives at the Saatchi Gallery next month.

FELIPE PANTONE. Optichromie 114. Photo ©FPSTUDIO. 2019.

Showcasing work from over 150 artists and icons, the giant Beyond The Streets exhibition marks the first time in eight years that a single show has occupied the whole of the Saatchi Gallery—meaning visitors can look forward to 70,000 square feet of street art.

Running between February 17 – May 9, 2023, and supported by Adidas Originals, Beyond The Streets will showcase a treasure trove of work paying homage to the movement. Surround yourself in the worlds of graffiti, street art, hip-hop and punk rock, and learn about the artists who defined them.

FAB 5 FREDDY. Spray Paint on Canvas.

Those attending the exhibition can discover the development of public perception on underground art and culture through painting trains, fashion and the music we listen to. While the existence of some street art and graffiti may be short and temporary, the potential impact it delivers can be seismic.

Global creative revolution and rebellion will be showcased through “original art, rare ephemera, photography, immersive and site-specific installations, archival fashion, and surprises”. Since the act of graffiti is often inherently secretive, the lineup of artists is still being kept hush-hush; but you can expect to hear more about it in due course. Another intrinsic element of this culture is a means to challenge authority and leave a mark on an eclectic set of canvases, so you’d be sensible to assume the roster of work reflects this.

Shepard Fairey. Icons Faces. 2021.

Roger Gastman, founder of Beyond The Streets and curator of this exhibition, said: “The story of graffiti and street art can’t be told without highlighting the significant role London, and the UK in general played in revolutionising these cultures and continuing to spread the word of their existence.

“Pushing the global narrative has always been of importance to us and we’re honoured to continue telling our story at Saatchi Gallery, whose prestige and impact are unmatched in the UK.”

Beyond The Streets takes over the entirety of the Saatchi Gallery between February 17 – May 9, 2023, and you can book your place here. Read more about Beyond The Streets on their website.