The Flat Above The ‘Notting Hill’ Bookshop Is Now Up For Sale

London is no stranger to featuring in classic films. Go back to 1935 cinema to catch the big smoke in Hitchcock’s The 39 Steps, or if you prefer a recent blockbuster there’s Daniel Craig’s James Bond swansong in No Time To Die. In between these two pictures, however, a classic in the romcom sphere may spring to mind.

Of course, I’m referring to Notting Hill, the 1999 tale of a romance between a bookshop owner (Hugh Grant) and a Hollywood actress (Julia Roberts). If you haven’t seen it, you’ll at least be familiar with some quotes from it—even if you didn’t know that’s where they were from.

Image: Russell Simpson

And, a stroll down Portobello Road can have you arriving face-to-face with the very bookshop featured in the film. You won’t find Hugh Grant trying to shift paperbacks, nor will you be likely to see Julia Roberts rocking the sunglasses and seeking out a title, but it’s still a nice sight from a movie to tick off your sightseeing lists.

Or, should your obsession with the film go further than that, it could become the ground floor of where you live. Yes, the flat above the bookshop from Notting Hill, aka The Travel Book Co., is now up for sale.

Image: Russell Simpson

On top of it’s star-studded location, the flat offers a tasty slice of living space, with 1,400 square feet spread across three bedrooms, two bathrooms, open-plan reception, kitchen, and giant outdoor terrace.

As with many a desirable London property, however, there is quite a big catch. It’s expensive. Really, really expensive. £2.37 million, to be precise. Who could afford that, I wonder? Perhaps an aforementioned Hollywood actress might stump up the cash to live above the workplace of the man of her dreams…

Image: Russell Simpson

Anyway, if you have a bit of cash to burn and are a dyed in the wool romcom fan, this really is the one for you. Can you stay for a while? You can stay forever.

Find details about the Notting Hill flat on the Russel Simpson website.