Netflix’s You Season 4 Is Coming, Here’s What We Know

You spoilers ahead!

You fans, listen up! The highly anticipated first trailer for season four of the hit Netflix show is finally here.

With the fourth instalment just around the corner, the new trailer looks juicy, and by the looks of it, Joe Goldberg (played by Penn Badgley) may not be the only killer in town! We all know so far that Joe escapes to London after killing his wife Love and assumes a new identity as professor Jonathan Moore, but he won’t be getting the peace and calm he so wishes for. In fact, when he falls in with a new group of “insane, privileged, damaged” people, as he puts it, his murderous desires come back to haunt him as he hunts for a rival killer running riot. 

“Heartbreak is always a catalyst for a new path,” Netflix captions the trailer. 

Where can I watch the trailer for season four of You?



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The official synopsis for the upcoming season reads: “Joe and Love, now married and raising their baby, have moved to the balmy Northern California enclave of Madre Linda, where they’re surrounded by privileged tech entrepreneurs, judgmental mommy bloggers, and Insta-famous biohackers.

“Joe is committed to his new role as a husband and dad but fears Love’s lethal impulsiveness. And then there’s his heart. Could the woman he’s been searching for all this time live right next door? Breaking out of a cage in a basement is one thing. But the prison of a picture-perfect marriage to a woman who’s wise to your tricks? Well, that’ll prove a much more complicated escape.”

What happened in season three of You?

Season three closed with Joe killing Love, setting fire to their home in Madre Linda, and leaving baby Henry with his co-worker Dante. Joe then flees to Paris, where many predict s four will be taking place…

When will You season 4 air?

According to You’s Twitter account, part one of season 4 premieres on 10 February and part two on 10 March.