8 LGBTQ-Friendly Valentine’s Day Plans To Celebrate All Types Of Love

Since the dawn of time, Valentine’s Day has traditionally focused on cisgender and heteronormative love. With cringey Hallmark cards, teddy bears, and plans marketed towards straight couples, it’s hard to find queer representation on this day. However, queer people are reclaiming this celebration to highlight all types of love —including romantic, platonic, polyamorous, and aromantic— destroying the notion that love is exclusive to straight cis-couples. So today, we’ve made it our mission to celebrate all types of love like never before. Here are 7 LGBTQ-friendly Valentine’s Day plans to celebrate all types of love in the queerest and proudest way possible!

1. Delve into the city’s LGBTQ+ history with an exploration game

LGBTQ Valentine's Day at Soho
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Walk down memory lane and celebrate the role love has played in the progress of the community. Visit iconic landmarks around Soho and Covent Garden in an interactive way by playing a city exploration game with your friends or partner. From never heard anecdotes behind Trafalgar Square, Covent Garden Piazza and Piccadilly Circus to the LGBTQ+ history of the Royal Family, queer heritage is everywhere in London. Give this Valentine’s Day a new meaning by celebrating every milestone of the community with this plan.

2. Enjoy a Candlelight concert with the ones you love

LGBTQ Valentine's Day Candlelight

If you are looking for a lowkey plan on Valentine’s, look no further because a Candlelight: Valentine’s Day concert is the perfect plan for an intimate date night. With two back-to-back shows, at 6:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m., you can choose to enjoy a pre- or post-dinner performance. The candlelit concert will feature some of the most romantic songs ever created. From Clair de Lune by Charles Debussy to My Heart Will Go On by James Horner and Céline Dion, you’ll be mesmerised as a sea of candles light up the room in this utmost romantic evening.

Looking for more LGBTQ-friendly Valentine’s Day plans after the concert? Head to one of these LGBTQ+ bars to make the most out of your date!❤️🍻

3. Learn about queer history at Queer Britain — the first dedicated LGBTQ+ museum in the UK

LGBTQ Valentine's Day Queer Britain Museum
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Make Valentine’s Day unique and meaningful by visiting The Queer Britain Museum. Take a walk through its halls and you won’t only learn about LGBTQ+ culture and history, but also reflect on progress made and still yet to come. —The perfect date if you ask us!—By taking this step to understand and appreciate the struggles and triumphs of the community, you can deepen your own connection to one another and to the broader world.

4. Drag your partner along to a bottomless drag brunch

Valentine's Day Drag Brunch

There are few things as astounding as Drag shows, but if you pair them with brunch, you’ve got the perfect Valentine’s Day plan. A powerful form of self-expression and resistance, Drag shows have served for decades as safe havens and given support to the community when most needed. And at these bottomless Drag brunches, you will not only be served mouthwatering food but also looks honeeeey! So get ready to have the time of your life as you watch the drag performers lip sync and vogue some of the most iconic songs of our decade as you sip a mimosa.

5. Put on your favourite outfit and head out to The Glory or The Royal Vauxhall Tavern — your choice!

LGBTQ Valentine's Day queer bars in London
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Can’t decide where to wear that outfit you’re crazy about? Why not head to one of London’s best LBTQIA+ pubs? Grab a drink —or mocktail!— and enjoy some mood-boosting music while you chat with your loved ones. And if you still want to keep the party going and dance the night away as you celebrate this special day, make sure to visit one of these fabulous nightclubs for an unforgettable date!

Searching for a unique LGBTQ-friendly Valentine’s day present? Check out these incredible books that celebrate the long history of the community!🏳️‍🌈

6. Get cosy and hit play to these queer friendly rom-coms

watching romantic comedies for LGBTQ Valentine's Day
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Whether you want to admit it or not, there’s something about Valentine’s Day that always brings out the hopeless romantic in you. And it doesn’t matter how cheesy they are rom-coms are always there to warm our hearts. So, why not call your loved one —or ones— grab a bag of popcorn, a cosy blanket and hit play to these heartfelt movies. —You can thank us later!

Click here to watch:The Half of It 💜, The Danish Girl🏳️‍⚧️, Elisa & Marcela👭🏻, The Boys In The Band👨🏻‍🤝‍👨🏾, and Ride or Die👩🏻‍❤️‍👩🏻

7. Treat yourself to a lovely self-care day

self care day for Valentine's Day
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For people who identify as aromantic, canonical forms of Valentine’s Day can feel very alienating or irrelevant as they don’t represent their desires. However, Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to revolve exclusively around couple love because self-love is also a form of love. Treat yourself through this day by taking the time to enjoy the things that really make you happy. Paint, sleep in, release your inner chef by cooking your favourite dish or visit your people, all forms of self-love are valid.

8. Shop your LGBTQ-friendly Valentine’s Day gifts from a queer-owned shop

Looking to give your significant other —or yourself!— a Valentine’s gift? Then head to one of these queer-owned shops for the perfect gift. From books to haircuts to comedy shows, these businesses have everything you need to make the best Valentine’s surprise. And apart from purchasing a unique piece, you will also contribute to the community. —A two-for-one deal? Sign us up!— Check out: Gay’s The Word, Dalston Superstore, Sh! Women’s Erotic Emporium, The Queer Brewing Project, Open Barbers, Saucy Bitch or Dr. Botanicals.

So, there you have it — our favourite LGBTQ-friendly Valentine’s Day plans for this special day. From laying low and having a self-care day to hyping it up at a bottomless Drag brunch, there’s a plan for everybody! And remember that whatever you choose to do on this day, it doesn’t have to be limited by societal expectations of what Valentine’s Day should be, because love is unique and should be expressed in a way that feels true to you.