A Jewel Of A Restaurant With Views From 15 Floors Up Is Arriving At Battersea Power Station Next Month • Joia

Rocking a beautiful name – JOIA, meaning jewel – is one thing, but launching a restaurant that lives up to it could prove to be quite the challenge.

By the looks of things, JOIA have quashed any such concern; presenting their flamboyant new Iberian restaurant up on the the top floors of Art’otel overlooking Battersea Power Station. Oh, and it’s run by Henrique Sá Pessoa, one of Portugal’s most celebrated chefs, so you needn’t fret that the food won’t match the views and the name – in fact, it’s the star of show (more on that to come).

Credit: Charlie McKay

Sitting 14 and 15 floors up in the sky, it’d be fair to assume that the view packs a punch (and that assumption is correct, my friend), but the interiors aren’t going down without a fight to be lauded, either.

Designed by Russel Sage Studio, the restaurant takes inspiration from the art deco style of Battersea Power Station. During the day, Joia will let swathes of natural light course through the windows to hit the pink and green palette of the dining room. There’s both a chef’s table and sommelier station positioned in JOIA, and a L-shaped bar with brass accents and pink paintjob is a focal point of the room.

You’ve sat down, you’ve taken all that in. Now…

Credit: Charlie McKay

The food

Coming from the mind and skillset of Henrique Sá Pessoa, who also masterminded the two Michelin-starred Alma and trans-Iberian tapas restaurant Tapisco in Lisbon, the menu is promising big things. Showcasing the chef’s heritage, you can expect robust flavours and technique from Catalonia and Portugal in the 15th floor restaurant space.

Snacks, petiscos and tapas will kick off the love affair with Henrique’s cuisine, which features his signature croquette made with potato and traditional Portuguese Alheira sausage with tomato and sofrito sauce. There’s also an octopus salad with red pepper, potato and smoked paprika to make the tastebuds sing before moving on to the larger plates.

Credit: Charlie McKay

JOIA will be filled to the brim with fine options, but their Bacalhau à brás, a salted cod with shoestring potatoes, parsley, black olive served with a raw eff yolk is nailed on to reel in the orders, as will the grilled carabineiro with orzo bisque and coriander. Top your evening off with a chocolate and chorizo crumble with sherry vinegar and I doubt you’ll be shutting up about this place anytime soon.

The drinks

On the 14th floor, you’ll come across the bar, with a creative cocktail list from manager Alessandro Mannello. There’s 12 signature cocktails, including a Safira Rosa, a mezcal-based cocktail with elderflower, grapefruit soda and rose petal water; and an Esmerelda, a basil-infused gin cocktail with mint & matcha cordial.

Guests can also sift through the extensive list of Portuguese and Spanish wines and vermouths that aims to show off lesser-known producers, or opt for modern take on sangria that uses clarified red wine and white port with agave nectar and mixed fruit.

JOIA couldn’t be more luxuriously placed, as it’ll be able to boast that it sits below the rooftop of Art’otel, which is soon to welcome their 360-degree viewing platform and infinity pool. Read more about Art’otel Battersea Power Station here and keep an eye on their page for new opening news!

JOIA opens at Battersea Power Station next month on the 14th and 15th floor of Art’otel. Read more about the restaurant here.