Apparently this accessory is trending again, thanks to Emily in Paris

Emily in Paris returned to our screen in December, and it seems like it’s been all the internet can talk about. Between the costumes (opens in new tab), the editing error (opens in new tab) and the general consensus that Alfie deserved better (opens in new tab), season three has certainly caused a stir. 

Of course, at this point in time, it should come as very little surprise to learn that many are as invested in Emily’s fashion sense as they as in the storyline. The American-in-Paris is known for her designer taste (despite the fact no-one can quite work out how she affords (opens in new tab) all of those expensive wares on a marketing executive’s salary). 

However, while season three has seen the character clad in Miu Miu, Giambattista Valli and Stella McCartney, it seems her jewellery is what has really grasped the audience’s attention. According to Pandora, the jewellery retailer has seen a 42% increase in on-site searches for Alphabet Charms since Emily in Paris, season three debuted in December. 

Emily in Paris wears a pendant necklace

(Image credit: Netflix)

The retailer claims that thanks to Emily’s penchant for initial necklaces, demand for the trending accessory has gone up. Pandora adds that since the show first aired on December 21, there has been a “36% increase in on-site searches for Initial pendants and a 55% hike in searches for Initial bracelets.”

The specific initial necklace that Emily wears in season three is by french label Vanrycke Paris, and retails for upwards of £500. However, if your budget isn’t quite there, there are plenty of alternative options around. 

Interested in emulating Emily’s style by investing in a pendant necklace of your own? Keep scrolling to shop initial necklaces now. 

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