London’s Skyline Looks Blooming Gorgeous From This Floral-Inspired Rooftop Bar • Florattica

With Christmas a mere handful of days away, we’re all seeking solace from the fast paced city to relax and enjoy the season. Sure, the Christmas lights and trees around London are gorgeous, but they can also find the streets and pavements packed with people. Sometimes we need an escape! Enter: London’s newest rooftop bar (our favourite type of bar), Florattica, which hit the capital on December 2.

the view from florattica
Credit: Florattica

Florattica is keeping guests watered and fed with a drinks menu from London cocktail royalty, and small plates that cater to any tastes. Seasonality dictates the menu, so expect plenty of wintry dishes and drinks during the opening season, and be sure to return for new offerings as the year goes on.

the bar at florattica, with seats scattered around it that have been upholstered with a floral fabric
Credit: Florattica

At Florattica guests can take advantage of both indoor and outdoor spaces, with inside seating that flows out to an expansive, covered outdoor terrace. And, yes, it’s heated! They’ve given careful thought to making sure that guests can enjoy the view in complete luxury. And what a view it is, stretching across iconic London landmarks from St Paul’s, to Canary Wharf, and the Thames. That’s if you can tear your eyes from the bar’s impressive interiors, with eye-catching ceilings adorned with floral installations inspired by East London’s textile industry and silk woven floral patterns from the 17th century.

On the menu

a ruby red cocktail in a rocks glass, with a large cube of ice, with some cardamom pods scattered around it
Credit: Florattica

The floral inspiration extends over to the bar’s cocktail menu, where drinks take guests on a sensory journey through the elegant and aromatic world of flowers. Head Mixologist, Serena Carrino, previously of Nightjar, is mixing up herbal and floral drinks that promise to dazzle the tastebuds, with equally delicious alcoholic and non-alcoholic options. Drinks include the Alma, a herbal cocktail mixing up Casamigos Blanco, Hibiscus Amores Espadin, Ancho Reyes, Lavender syrup, and citrus, and the sweet and sour Inca made from El Gobernador, Maraschino, Marigold syrup, Lemongrass air, and citrus, among others. Meanwhile non-alcoholic drinks make use of ingredients ranging from jasmine and elderflower cordial, to green tea, to Three Spirit’s non-alcoholic spirits, and more.

florattica bartender, Serena Carrino, pouring a red-coloured cocktail from a shaker into a glass
Credit: Florattica

The food, meanwhile, is simple, yet refined. Expect dishes ‘From the Sea’ and ‘From the Land’, such as oysters with champagne, raspberry, and white balsamic vinaigrette and the traditional lobster roll with crème fraîche, lemon oil, and chives, as well as beef tartare with confit egg yolk, crispy tartlet, and fresh black truffle, as well as sharing charcuterie boards and plenty more.

a selection of dips and breads from florattica's menu
Credit: Florattica

Florattica rolls with the seasons

Having opened at the height of the festive season, they delivered plenty of Christmassy delights, including the popular Noel cocktail. What’s next? Well, it’s Valentine’s Day, of course, and you could scarcely think of somewhere more magically romantic than here.

Image: Florattica

There’s a duo of experiences ready to summon cupid; firstly in the form of an Oyster extravaganza, which gets you six, you guessed it, oysters to share with a Champagne, Raspberry & White Balsamic Vinaigrette. Or, there’s the true Valentine’s dessert experience, consisting of this striking Lychee and Rose Mousse, Pistachio Ice Cream. Whatever your choice, you’ll also be pleased to know that a glass of Moét & Chandon Imperial Brut and a choice of floral cocktail comes alongside the grub to put the icing on your special evening.

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