I Tried The TikTok Viral Clean Girl Look Using By BEAUTY BAY Products

Fresh faced, glowy, and natural looking. It can only be the clean girl look.

It’s 2023, and yes the clean girl vibe is still here, and it’s not going anywhere (with no complaints from me).

Think a radiant base, sheer coverage, faux freckles, lots of blush, and a glossy lip, and you’ve nailed it.

Think you can’t execute the clean girl look using just one single brand, without breaking the bank? I tried, succeeded, and want to show you exactly how it’s done, using only By BEAUTY BAY products.

Step three:

Blush is one of the most important steps to this look, as clean girls never skip blush. I chose the Powder Blusher in Peachy for a soft, peachy pink tint.

Step four:

For the eyes were doing something natural and fresh. I used Petal all over the lid from the Neutral 9 Colour Palette and Cannon to lightly define the crease. 

Step five:

To finish the eyes, I applied the Crayon Eyeliner in Coffee in my tightline, to define my eyes, and used the Brow Fixer Fibre Gel on my lashes, as a little bit of mascara. If you want to add a few little faux freckles to the skin, now is your chance! I dotted the Crayon Eyeliner on my face, and smoothed out with a fingertip to soften it.

Step seven:

I know this is all about the makeup, but no clean girl look is complete without the signature slick back hairstyle. Perfect for pre-wash day, I used the Haircare By BEAUTY BAY Repair Strengthen Hair Mask to slick my hair back, while keeping it nourished, pre-wash.