This London Restaurant Only Serves Steak And Wine At Their Club Carnivore Nights

The first rule of Club Carnivore is ‘you do not talk about Carnival Club’ red meat only. The second rule of Club Carnivore is ‘you do not talk about Carnival Club’ red wine only. And the third rule of Carnival Club is that wine is only served in MAGNUMS or larger. Yeah, I think we can get on board with what they’re doing at Vivat Bacchus with their monthly steak and wine dinners.

For those unfamiliar with Vivat Bacchus, the South African restaurant already focuses pretty squarely on red meat. And, in case you didn’t catch it from the name, they’re also pretty passionate about wine. Vivat Bacchus does, after all, loosely translate to ‘Long live Bacchus (the god of wine).’ They pride themselves on “good food and great wine” served up in a “cosy, working winery-style atmosphere.”

a shot of cheeses and wines splayed around a table
Credit: Vivat Bacchus

But the once a month steak and wine pairings that they host take things to a whole ‘nother level. Diners are treated to an absolute feast of red wine and red meat, with five dishes paired with five reds for a truly carnivorous meal. Dishes range from Biltong and Droewor (South African style cured meats) to Vivat Bacchus’ renowned Cote de Boeuf. The 28 day-dry-aged Surrey Hills steak is served up sharing style for two people, with triple cooked chips, and a choice of sauces. So, it’s not just read meat. There’s also potatoes!

Attending Club Carnivore

Now, the experience isn’t necessarily a cheap one. It’ll run you £95 a head to indulge in your most primal of urges to scoff all the meat and drink all the wine. But for that price you get a considerable amount of food. And did we mention the wines come in magnums – or even bigger? Club Carnivore is certainly not the kind of meal you’re going to leave hungry from.

Club Carnivore is ticketed, so make sure to check the website to find out when the next event is and secure your place. January’s Club Carnivore will take place on January 24. Subsequently February’s event will take place on February 21, with more dates to be announced.