A Free Light Festival Has Hit Battersea Power Station To Light The Wintry Nights

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that Battersea Power Station is generating power again. By which we mean it’s reopened as a space to welcome visitors in the thousands to hang out, drink, eat, shop, and enjoy lots of different events.

One such occasion that has been a feature of the site, even when it was shut, is the Battersea Power Station Light Festival, an annual free event that douses the area in bright colour in a bid to kick those January blues. Well, it’s finally back and, for nearly two months, will mark the first year the lights festival has lit up in front of the hustle and bustle of an open Battersea Power Station.

End Over End by Studio Vertigo. Image credit: Janus van den Eijnden

After a massive year for all things BPS, it’s a spectacular return for the light festival. There’s eight spectacular installations on display from internationally renowned artists and curated alongside Light Art Collection – their largest collection so far!

What light installations can I expect to see?

Saunter up towards the Grade II* listed power station and you’ll greeted by a sea of light. There’s an enlarged bath plug (Badstop by Atelier Haute Cuisine, sized up traffic light figures (Strangers In The Light by Victor Engbers and Ina Smits), and even illuminated laundry (Neighborhood by Sergey Kim). It’s a bright and colourful display, sure to distract you from the cold and the dark of the early winter months.

Neighborhood by Sergey Kim. Image credit: Janus van der Eijnden

If you’ve been to the lights festival at Battersea Power Station before, you might also see some familiar work, with the return of installations including Eternal Sundown by Mads Vegas, which is back for a third year to show off its 140 filtered fluorescent tubes.

Here’s a full list of every light display running at Battersea Power Station:

  • Badstop by Atelier Haute Cuisine (UK debut)
  • End Over End by Studio Vertigo (London debut)
  • Moonburn by Stichting Barstow (UK debut)
  • Strangers in the Light by Victor Engbers and Ina Smits (UK debut)
  • Rotifers by Nicole Banowetz (UK debut)
  • Neighborhood by Sergey Kim (London debut)
  • My Light is Your Light by Alaa Minawi
  • Eternal Sundown by Mads Vegas

And here’s a peek at what we saw when we visited!

Checking out Battersea Power Station

After being bowled over by all the lights, you can traipse around the newly revamped Power Station, pop in to see a film during Oscar Season at the cinema, ride the giant glass lift, take advantage of the early year sales at the shops and, of course, have a bite to eat at favourites including Roti King, Queen Of Crepes, Street Pizza and many more.

The light festival will stick around until March 5, taking us through the winter until it’s nearly time for the clocks to go forward. Read more about the free light festival here.

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