This London Borough Is Set To Ban Cars From 75% Of Its Roads

If you were wondering which London borough is the best to walk or cycle around without a heavy flow of traffic around you, then Hackney might just be taking the crown.

The borough is set to ban the majority of vehicles from 75% of the roads in Hackney in their major expansion of Low Traffic Neighbourhoods (LTNs).

This adds to the borough already having the highest number of these schemes in the capital, with about 50% of roads under the measures. Resulting from this alone, Hackney Council claim to have seen a 40% reduction in traffic across its most recently implemented schemes.

Current schemes are in place across London Fields, Hackney Downs and Stoke Newington, and mean only cyclists, emergency vehicles and bin lorries can pass through the areas. Disabled drivers with blue badges who live outside the LTNs will also be allowed to pass through some areas.

New plans would see Dalston, Hoxton, Chatsworth Road, Craven Walk, Cazenove Road and Stamford Hill added to the LTNs by 2025/2026.

Mayor of Hackney Phillip Glanville said: “This is the most ambitious plan in London, if not the most ambitious in the country, building on an incredible track record in this borough.”

It aims to tackle air pollution, and the Mayor’s three year plan would result in Hackney having the highest levels of car restrictions, spots for cycle parking, and electric vehicle charging points in London. Vehicles not permitted in the schemes are stopped, either by bollards and planters or by traffic cameras.

Plans are also set to include even more bike storage spots, shared car and bike clubs, greener streets, new School Streets, more bus lanes, and an increase in safer walking routes around the borough.