This Holborn Wine Bar Serves Up Detroit Style Pizza And Natural Wine • Rondo La Cave

It’s not absurd to claim that some of the best food in London is currently coming out of London’s wine bars. They’re casual, intimate spaces run by passionate people who just want to drink good wine and eat good food. It’s the perfect collision of passion and desire. Places like Half Cut Market, P Franco, Forza Wine, and Rondo La Cave have completely changed the expectations of food offerings in wine bars.

A shot of the interior of Rondo La Cave
Credit: Rondo La Cave

Well, now Rondo La Cave has brought back one of their most successful pop up food offerings for a permanent kitchen residency. That’s right, Four Corners is back. And we simply cannot wait to get our mouths around their delicious Detroit-stye pizzas.

Four Corners

Previous kitchen pop-ups have seen the likes of New York deli-inspired sandwiches from Dollars, and Chet’s’ Los-Angeles-meets-Thailand menu, served alongside the bar’s drinks selection. But it’s the return of Detroit-style pizza makers, Four Corners, that has sent London’s wine drinkers and pizza munchers into an absolute fit of excitement. And for good reason. They last popped up at Rondo La Cave in 2021, but the memory of the behemoth pizza slabs never went away for some.

a tomato pie from rondo la cave, crispy edges visible
Credit: Rondo La Cave x Four Corners

The pizzas are offered by the (hefty) slice, or whole. And trust me when I say there’s enough to feed three people from one large pie. They’re offering up fan favourites, such as the downright naughty Soppressata, which comes with Arrabiata sauce and loaded with soppressata and hot honey to boot. There’s also the Pistachio & Mortadella pie, where pistachio pesto, mortadella, and plenty of cheese crown the hunks of dough. A rotating menu of specials will also keep you coming back for more as they get crazy with the toppings.

A slice of detroit style pizza topped with mortadella and pistachio pesto being pulled away from the rest of the pie
Credit: Rondo La Cave x Four Corners

For the side, or just the less hungry, there’s also a concise snack menu. Munch absently on dishes from marinated olives to a spicy ranch salad. Round it all off with an apple pie for a sweet finish and you’ll be telling all your friends to head there ASAP.

To drink at Rondo La Cave

And to wash all that meat, sauce, and dough down – you’ll definitely need some drinks, right? Well, this is a wine bar after all! Rondo La Cave offers up a careful selection of low intervention drinks from the best local independent suppliers – available by the glass, bottle, and even magnum. Wines come from the likes of GB Wineshippers, Modal, Basket Press, Modest Merchant, and Les Caves de Pyrene. Whether you’re an orange wine fan, drink only the crispest whites, or opt for the bubbly, they’ve got you sorted. As an added plus, they even offer ‘Orange Wednesdays’ – each glass of orange wine you buy nets your friend a free glass on the house!

If you don’t like wine, fear not, as they also have a neat selection of cocktails and beers. Whatever your taste Rondo La Cave is sure to have something for you to sip on as you while the night away. And make sure you don’t leave without grabbing a bottle to drink at home too!

Love the sound of it all? You can grab drinks and snacks from their online shop to enjoy at home. But, obviously, to try the pizza you’ll have to hit up the wine bar itself! They promise that you’ll “stop by for ‘one drink’ and end up staying the night.”

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