Chin Chin Are Serving Up These Indulgent ‘Heartbreaker’ Cakes This Valentine’s Day Season

Chin Chin. You will have seen the name banded about this website before. Actually, you may not have been looking at the name – those pictures do leave us all a little weak at the knees.

I don’t know how they make their hot chocolates and ice cream look quite like that, but I will just say: keep it coming. Seems they’ve been following that advice, because they’ve dropped images of their stunning creation for Valentine’s Day.

Heartbreaker cakes by Chin Chin
Image: Chin Chin

So, start your month as you mean to go on – by being a heartbreaker… or declaring someone else as one by gifting them this wonderful creation. As the shop themselves have said, “Don’t break my heart. But if you must, do it with Chin Chin’s Valentine’s heartbreaker cakes”.

Between today (February 1) and February 14, you can head over to Chin Chin’s Soho spot to see (and eat) the thing for yourself. But what’s it made up of? I hear you cry. Let’s get to that.

Chin Chin
Image: Chin Chin

As you’ve no doubt been grabbed by, the outer layer of Chin Chin’s heartbreaker cake is a piece of velvety chocolate galore, with the words in loving red providing the finishing touch. But, as we might hear a lot around Valentine’s Day, what’s on the inside is undoubtably the most important factor. Peanut butter sandwiched between, you guessed it, more chocolate (of the moist cake variety) is on the agenda here, and we’re already sold.

If you want something else written on the cake (we can’t all be heartbreakers, after all), you can pre-order on the website with 48-hours notice and pick it up in Soho. As you can see, this ‘Better Alone’ cake fits rather nicely alongside a trusty scoop of their famous ice cream.

Better Alone cake by Chin Chin
Image: Chin Chin

Need more persuading? Chin Chin’s delights are approved by celebrities including Paloma Faith, so you’d better see for yourself what all the fuss is about.

Chin Chin’s Heartbreaker cakes are available at their Soho site (54 Greek Street, W1D 3DS) between February 1-14. Find out more at their website!

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