Ciate Spice Palette Review (and newness)

[unpaid/sample/affiliate/ad] Given that make-up is my beauty happy place – far and above any other category – it’s been a very good couple of weeks! I’ve got some newness from Ciate with some beautiful things – if you like gleam, it’s going to be right up your street.

Ciate Spice Roulette Palette Review

I’ll start with this Melted Metal in Eclipse £22 HERE – it’s almost water like in its reflective qualities and the shine from it? Incredible! This is such an easy wear even if you’re not game on for a full eye look. You can line it (carefully, there is some drop to this), you can just press your finger to it and dab some sheen on to a bare lid or over whatever colour you’re wearing (try it over black). You’ll notice that if you pat it to your lids you can get a ‘leaf’ effect or using a brush you get a solid sweep of gold. I’m actually thinking I might mix some in a clear gloss and see what happens.

Ciate Spice Palette Review

First in the swatch is the Glossy Cheek Tint in Bronze £19 HERE. I love this – it gives the sheen of your life to cheekbones with just a hint of hyaluronic infused bronze that feels weightless on your skin. I’m not sure personally that I want to gleam at that level so I tried it on my lips instead but the pigment is so light that it didn’t really transfer to anything more than clear. Above in the swatch is the glorious Eclipse which speaks for itself I think.

Ciate Spice Palette Review

The Ciate Spice Palette is a nine pan, next level ‘sunset’ arrangement – key shades to look out for are Warm Spice and Cranberry (middle row first and second) because whereas last year we were heading for orange/sand tones on eyes, this year, it’s tipping to pink/bronze tones. Don’t think pastels – the variants are stronger and warmer but can be applied lightly. Spice is a mix of softly textured metallics and mattes – I know highlight shades are useful but there’s one too many in this palette I think. The difference on the skin between Raincoat and Apple Pie is negligible.

Ciate Spice Palette Review

In the swatch from bottom to top: Raincoat, Acorn, Moonlit, Pumpkin Soup, Cranberry, Warm Spice, Pine Cone, Hot Amber and Apple Pie. I realise the shades are looking more bronzy than pink in this picture and I’m not sure why but trust me… Pumpkin and Cranberry are definitely swinging pink as is Hot Amber but still retain the earthiness.

Ciate Spice Palette Review

Finally, a swatch from the distinctly Tilbury looking Glow-To Highlighter £26 seen in the main picture. I think the thing is that you probably only want one of these glow options … all at once is perhaps best left to Instagram but in general, light bringers are our beauty friends. So, very strangely, the Spice Palette is on the Ciate website as part of the All About The Eyes Holiday kit (obviously from Christmas) which includes a pointed tip liquid liner, for £25 HERE. The marketing materials suggest that the palette alone now is £29 so if you want this, rush. I am sure it’s the right hand not talking to the left hand.

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