The Power trailer: We can already tell this feminist series is going to be huge

With the release of “The Power” trailer, we’re all about to fall into two categories of people. Either those ahead-of-the-curve who have already read Naomi Alderman‘s 2016 science fiction novel of the same title, on which this Amazon Prime Video series is based, and have been dying to see it brought to life on screen ever since. 

Or those unfamiliar with the Margaret Atwood-esque dystopian feminist narrative, who will no doubt have watched jaws dropping at the action-packed trailer starring Nightmare Alley‘s Toni Collette, which depicts women all around the world causing havoc with electric superpowers.

This writer is one of the former – I’ve been anticipating the small-screen adaptation ever since hearing of the TV rights selling in an 11-way auction (!) back in 2016, getting greenlit by Amazon three years later in 2019. And OK, nine years on it may be a major case of delayed gratification, but if the trailer’s anything to go by – this one will not disappoint. 

Backed by the soundtrack of Santigold’s “GO! (Feat. Karen O)”, the trailer opens with a dramatic shot of a successive electrical explosions cutting through a power grid, followed by a second shot of teenager Roxy Monke (played by Ria Zmitrowicz) walking down a secondary school corridor with an air of confidence, and another girl of a similar age walking through a character with a strident expression. We then hear a voiceover from Collette’s character explaining the cause: we learn “Teenage girls are developing a new organ… one that generates electricity”. 

Cue to a filmed press conference: Collette as Mayor Margot Cleary-Lopez, alerting members of the media to the severity of what’s happening. “This is not a hoax,” she says – and amid the cutting-in shots of electrifying fingers lighting up with a current of their own, we believe her.

The action heats up with what looks like a whole city power-cut spurred on by a pair of female characters; a fiery explosion taking place in a market; police cars and military personal gathering; and images of women gathering en masse. “Big change is coming – pick a side,” says one character – whose name is not yet clear – ominously.

“I was living in constant fear, now I feel a hundred times stronger. Can you imagine that kind of freedom?,” muses another character, Jos Cleary-Lopez (Mayor Cleary-Lopez’s daughter), played by Auli’i Cravalho. Consider us well and truly excited for this powerful watch – which is premiering at the end of March. Just enough time to read the book in the meantime… 

The Power premieres on Friday, 31 March 2023 on Prime Video. New episodes will release weekly every Friday, with the season finale on 12 May 2023.