This Breaking Bad Inspired Cocktail Making Experience Is Back And Better Than Ever • ABQ

Yo b*tch! The much lauded molecular cocktail experience is back in Hackney and we can’t wait to start cooking. (Cocktails rather than crystal meth, of course, if that needs clarifying). The Breaking Bad cocktail bar experience, which is obviously based in an RV truck, has had a complete overhaul following multiple guises over the years. They’ve opened up a lab area besides the RV for extra people to cook up the products, and added a Funhouse experience around the whole affair. You may be heading down to experience the ABQ cocktail-making experience, but you’ll definitely stick around for everything else the space has to offer – or just for more drinks!

people enjoying drinks from beakers and glasses with smoke surrounding the drinks
Credit: Lollipop Immersive

The Breaking Bad experience

Pop on a yellow hazmat suit in true Heisenberg style and follow instructions to make two cocktails using real molecular mixology techniques. You’ll get a welcome cocktail upon arrival, before being split up into groups of four. Within those groups you’ll have to follow instructions closely as you cook up “The Pinkman” and then “The Heinsenberg“. Grab your shakers, pop on the hazmats, and get to cooking… These drinks are gonna be so good, science yeah!

someone holding out a tray with a very suspiciously meth-y looking cocktail on it as part of the ABQ breaking bad cocktail experience
Credit: Lollipop Immersive

Reviews for the Breaking Bad cocktail bar are booming and patrons have been particularly impressed by the attention to detail that the creators have put in to make it a truly authentic experience. And that experience has now been given a complete overhaul to make it even more engaging and fun. You’ll be fully immersed from start to finish. Who’d have thought you could have so much fun wearing a hazmat, messing about with acids and alcohol?

some cocktail ingredients disguised as lab products next to a variety of lab equipment at ABQ's Breaking Bad themed experience
Credit: Lollipop Immersive

The Hackney Funhouse

With their new overhaul, now entering the ABQ 4.0 phase of their experience, the space around it has been transformed into the Hackney Funhouse: an “adult playground with two floors of food, drinks and fun”. They’ve got sourdough pizza from Saint Pizzeria to keep you fed while the good vibes roll on. They’ve got vegan and gluten free options so no one misses out on the pizza-y goodness, and you can even order more cocktails from ABQ (without having to make them this time!).

three pizzas arranged on a table, one margherita, one with mushroom, and one with olives
Credit: Lollipop Immersive

There’s also a secret Latin cocktail joint hidden above the whole affair, Salamanca. The story goes that in 2008 Hector Salamanca (remember him? *shudders*) visited London and set up a hidden cartel den. Well, now it’s being opened up to the world, away from prying eyes, above the Breaking Bad bar. There you can sip at cocktails like the Cartel Sling – with gin, Benedictine DOM liqueur, pineapple, lime, and grenadine – and the eponymous The Salamanca, which mixes up rum, mezcal, lime, mint and soda. The hidden bar also has tacos and nachos to munch on – no doubt much needed after the hard work of making cocktails!

ABQ 4.0

the bar area of ABQ
Credit: Lollipop Immersive

This isn’t ABQ’s first rodeo, as they’ve been refining their experience over the past seven years of operation. They first launched on a temporary basis back in July 2015 and had 42,000 people fighting over tickets. Following that it popped over to Paris for a three-month sell-out stint, before returning in pop-up form to London once more. A semi-permanent home was then found for the immersive Breaking Bad bar on Hackney’s Bohemia Place. Now, with the unveiling of the Hackney Funhouse in its new guise, the cocktail experience now has a permanent home.

two people in hazmat suits posing in front of the ABQ RV
Credit: Lollipop Immersive

£38 gets you an hour and 45 minutes in the RV or the adjacent Lab. This includes a welcome cocktail and the creation of two cocktails. You’re also welcome to turn up early, and stay late, enjoying the space and cocktails. So, make your booking and get to cooking (shameful rhyme, apologies). It’s better than re-watching Breaking Bad again!