This jumper style is trending again, and we have Emily in Paris to thank

From a spike in people wanting to enter the marketing industry (opens in new tab) to a rise in searches for initial necklaces (opens in new tab), Emily in Paris has certainly started its fair share of trends.

Since season three debuted at the end of 2022, there has been much discussion online about the plot (opens in new tab), the editing errors (opens in new tab), and of course, the clothes (opens in new tab) from fans of the show all over the world. 

But has Emily also now convinced us all to add a little more colour to our wardrobes? According to (opens in new tab), the answer is yes. New data from the brand has revealed that there has been a 61% increase year-on-year in searches for “colourful jumpers” since the show’s most recent season aired in December. 

Lily Collins wears Essentiel Antwerp

(Image credit: Netflix)

As a character, Emily is known for her penchant for colourful dressing and of course, in season three that did not falter. Emily continued to wear the multi-colour, print-clashing looks she has become known for, from designers including Magda Butrym, Giambattista Valli, Essentiel Antwerp and more. 

Of course, many are questioning exactly how Emily affords such an extensive wardrobe (opens in new tab) on a Marketing Executive’s salary, but it’s all about the suspension of disbelief, right? 

If you’re in the market for some dopamine dressing and looking to add a little colour to your wardrobe this winter, then look no further than the options below. We’ve scoured the web to find the most smile-inducing, Emily-inspired, colourful knits to help you emulate everyone’s favourite American in Paris. 

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