Sheer Sparkle Nails Are The Glazed Donut’s Cute Little Sister

Recent trending manis took their inspo from our beauty routines (see: glazed donut nails and lipgloss nails) but the next queen bee has fashion to thank. Sheer sparkle nails follow the example set by the nearly-naked dress trend we’ve seen dominate the past couple of seasons…

They’re sexy, they’re sheer and they show a little skin. Fabulous? Yes. But risqué also. So if you’re not entirely sure how you’d make the look work for the office or the food shop, sheer sparkle nails lean into the aesthetic in a mini way, while still offering a look that’s wearable, approachable and totally dreamy

While glazed donut nails kept things pared back using a silky chrome-effect top coat to nod to glitter, sheer sparkle nails are the cute baby sis. Actual glitter is scattered across nails to bring the party, but because we’re talking about our lil sis here, it’s made to feel modern and elevated by keeping the base more bare. Instead of chunky stacked-up glitz, the sparkle still allows for you to see your natural nail through the sparkle.

The two opposing elements minimal sheer and cheery sparkle work in tandem to create something that’s equal parts fun, sweet and sophisticated. Theoretically, it shouldn’t be possible, but take a look for yourself, it’s perfect.

Here’s some of our favourite ways to wear sheer sparkle nails…

Oyster sheer sparkle

Pearl pink sheer sparkle

Snow sheer sparkle

Glitz pink sheer sparkle

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