Gothic black French nails are trending as the emo alternative to Vanilla Girl manicures

Jenna Ortega‘s Wednesday Addams has given the moody emo aesthetic a whole new lease of life with her “soft goth” makeup. Now gothic black French nails are everywhere as a chic continuation of the trend.  So much so, the search terms “Goth French Tips” and “Black French Nails” have amassed a cool 309.7 million views on Tiktok.

Manicurists have put their own spin on the black nail polish you would haphazardly whack on at the back of the school bus listening to My Chemical Romance. Gothic black French nails are a more graphic, grown-up interpretation and look hauntingly beautiful worn with nothing more than nude lipstick and black kohl-rimmed eyes that are softly-blown out. 

So what exactly are gothic black French nails? Expressive, off-beat and with an irrepressible hint of counterculture, the idea is to take a traditional French manicure and turn it on its head with a black – rather than stark white – tip. In other words, they’re a compelling contradiction to the coquette aesthetic and Vanilla Girl French nails that are currently going viral. 

There are endless manifestations of goth French tips to choose from, whether it’s a high-gloss oval version, stiletto nails or nail art that swoops and swirls from the free edge down the nail bed. 

Here’s all the inspiration you need for your next nail appointment and walk on the dark side…

Squoval “Black Sheer Pantyhose”