This £20 Face Mask Is The Luxe Treat Your Skin Needs

Skincare fanatics know, the fastest way to impact skin is with a sheet mask or cream mask alternative. Loaded with fast acting ingredients, they’re the instant gratification of skincare, offering up results in minutes, whether that’s a boost of hydration, nourishment or injecting radiance back into lacklustre complexions. It’s why they make the perfect skin prep before a night out to ensure skin looks its best, or when your skin is in need of a pick me up.

The latest mask to peak our interest is from the mask gurus 111 Skin, the skincare brand behind the infamous glow-giving Rose Gold Mask, loved by leading ladies including Priyanka Chopra and Margot Robbie. Developed with the expertise of plastic surgeon Dr Yannis Alexandrides MD FACS, it has sold over 18 million times. The brand’s newest mask is Nourishing Gold Algae Mask created in collaboration with the uber luxe hotel group Aman, known for their exclusive, A-list hotels and spas across the globe. With Aman hotels topping our bucket list, and 111 Skin masks a GLAMOUR beauty go-to, their latest collab was a mask we had to try.

The Aman X 111 Skin Nourishing Gold Algae Mask at a glance 

The Aman X 111 Skin Nourishing Gold Algae Mask

The Nourishing Eye Mask

  • The Pros: Suitable for all skin types these masks are a quick, easy and luxe treat for skin that you can see instant results from.
  • The Cons: The hydro-gel feels cold on application, but that actually makes for better results. 
  • Our verdict: A perfect skin pick me up to have in your skincare arsenal before a big night out or when skin is in need of some TLC.
  • Price: £20 for the mask (£85 for a box of 5) and £12 for the eye mask (£75 for a box of 8).
  • GLAMOUR star rating: 4.8 out of 5 

Meet The Reviewer: Camilla Kay, GLAMOUR’s European Beauty Director 

Although I try skincare products as part of my day job, I am a skin minimalist at heart. I love a fast, effective solution, be it a serum or mask, which drenches skin in hard-working ingredients and does most of the skincare work for me. I am a big fan of the 111 Skin Rose Gold Brightening Mask so I was keen to try this new limited edition collaboration.

The Product Details:

With two heavyweight brands collaborating, it combines the best from both their worlds. Marine and natural ingredients that feature in Aman’s spa rituals and draw inspiration from their far flung destinations, including brown algae to stimulate collagen, seaweed extracts and spirulina to encourage a skin glow. Combined with the patented healing complex, devised by plastic surgeon Dr Yannis Alexandrides from 111 Skin, and delivered in the hydrating hydro-gel mask the brand have become known for. 

“The sole purpose of the Aman x 111 Skin masks is to infuse the skin with nourishing and hydrating ingredients. Their hydrating, soothing qualities are beneficial for all skin types and deliver a glowing, smooth, and refreshed complexion, while also giving clients a ritual beauty experience,” says Dr Alexandrides. Packaged as single masks, as well as available in box sets they are easy to travel with.