Consent: Everything You Need To Know About The Channel 4 Drama

Familiar faces include Heartstopper star Rhea Norwood, Ty Tennant (House of Dragons) and Alex Heath (The Serpent Queen).

What have the team behind Consent said about the film, ahead of its release?

“Whilst researching Consent I was shocked but not entirely surprised about the culture of toxic masculinity and misogyny explored within the drama,” the drama’s writer, Emma Dennis-Edwards, has said.  

“Whilst social media has proved to be an amazing tool for young people to express themselves socially and politically it must also take some of the responsibility for the misogyny and sexual harassment that has become almost commonplace in our schools.”

Lashay Anderson stars in new Channel 4 drama Consent.

Consent‘s executive producer Aysha Rafaele has spoken out about her hope that the drama will “resonate” with young people and encourage conversations.

“We hope our bold, authentic depiction of the teenage experience will resonate with many young people and will start a conversation about what kind of education a generation entirely permeated by a relentless online reality might actually need,” she says.

Is there a trailer for Consent?

There is indeed. We get a little bit of insight into the fateful night that changed Natalie and Archie’s friendship. She doesn’t remember an encounter they have at a party, and it seems that Archie has some kind of footage or images on his phone that his friends describe as “no face, no case”.

It looks like a clever, dark, look at the reality behind the sexual dynamics that teenagers face in the Internet age.

 Watch below:

When is Consent available to watch?

Consent will air on Tuesday 7 February on Channel 4.

Everyone’s Invited would like to share the following comment: 

What’s the feedback so far?

GLAMOUR’s Activist of the Year Award, Soma Sara, the founder of Everyone’s Invited – a grassroots campaign which empowers survivors of sexual violence to share their stories – said: “We are grateful Channel 4’s programme “Consent” has re-ignited the discussion around rape culture in schools. Within and beyond this film, Everyone’s Invited feels that boys need positive role models and the conversation needs to continue and go much further.

We cannot expect a cultural shift to happen easily. Changing a culture takes time, education and widespread and individual commitment. Rape culture is damaging to the the lives of both boys and girls, this is evident from the thousands of testimonies that Everyone’s Invited has received. It’s clear that a continued and collaborative effort by everyone is necessary to challenge and eradicate rape culture. We need to encourage healing, empathy and equal, loving relationships amongst people. Since the start of Everyone’s Invited we have and we continue to call for compassion for both boys and girls, they deserve to be loved, respected, listened to and understood.”