How You Can Help Support Victims Of The Syria-Turkey Earthquake From London

The devastating news reached our screens on Monday morning of a 7.8 magnitude earthquake striking South Eastern Turkey and Northern Syria. The death toll has risen to 11,000 people, and a total of 700 more earthquakes followed since the first one. While it might seem far away for us safely tucked away on the British Isles, the suffering experienced by the natural disaster should not be ignored. So, we’ve gathered up a list of charities as well as places to donate locally.

Charities To Donate To Online

1. The British Red Cross

The British Red Cross is one of the main points to donate to from the UK, providing essential care to those injured with emergency first aid, as well as evacuation. It’s operated by The Turkish Red Crescent (Kizilay) locally, who have launched a crisis response operation and mobilised teams in more than 10 regions across Turkey, and the Syrian Arab Red Crescent is aiding those in need in the regions of Hama, Aleppo and Lattakia affected by the earthquake.

You can make a donation here.

2. Molham Volunteering Team

Molham Team is a licensed non-profit NGO to provide help for the refugees in North West Syria and Counties of Asylum. They basically gather together volunteers from all counties and organisations who can send rescue teams to help save the thousands of people that have been under the rubble for more than 24 hours now in North West Syria after the disastrous earthquake hit in the early hours of Monday morning.

You can make a donation here.


AFAD is the Ministry of Interior Disaster and Emergency Management Presidency with 81 provincial branches and 11 search and rescue units. This is one of the main places to donate to, as they develop earthquake response strategies countrywide, and cooperate with other government institutions as well as non-governmental organizations when needed. You can donate to the current AFAD earthquake campaign here.

4. AKUT Search And Rescue Organisation

Search and rescue efforts are one of the main ways to help preserve as many lives as possible after an earthquake. AKUT Search and Rescue Organisation has helped 39 people from under the collapsed buildings so far, and time is of the essence for them to be able to continue with the efforts. You can make a donation here.

5. UN Crisis Relief

turkey syria earthquake people searching for survivors
Image: Shutterstock

UN Crisis Relief provides urgent rescue efforts for those affected by disasters and crisis around the world. The Turkey-Syria earthquake is no exception, and it is one of the most reliable organisations to donate to. Search and rescue teams have deployed to assess and prioritize urgent needs and to provide life-saving support to those affected. You can donate here.

6. Oxfam

Oxfam have also issued a urgent appeal, for funds big and smal, to support people affected by the destruction. Their emergency response is expected to include providing water and sanitaition, shelter and food support, plus long-term rehabilitation and reconstruction. You can donate here.


This Turkish NGO works on the values of solidarity, sharing and love; and they’re providing this through their support with the means of medical supplies, shelter, food and supplies. You can donate to AHBAP here.

8. Turkey Mozaik Foundation

Turkey Mozaik Foundation is an organisation set up six years ago by a group of Turkish professionals living in London. The group has previously provided relief to those affected by the Izmir earthquake, and following the harrowing news this week, has received an overwhelming response. Their JustGiving page has raised £461,569 at the time of writing, and provides vital funds towards relief groups such as AKUT, a search and rescue organisation. Read more about the Turkey Mozaik Foundation and donate here