This New High-Speed Train Route Could Soon Take You From London To Lisbon

London to Lisbon on a high-speed train could soon become possible in the wonderful world of travelling on the rails.

Everything is looking rather rosy in the world of train-travel right now — there’s scope to travel from London to Berlin via a sleeper train and potential to jump between Venice, Croatia, and Budapest via the tracks.

Image: Olga Gavrilova, Shutterstock

And the London to Lisbon route by Spanish operators Renfe could be the next jewel in the crown of European train-travel — because everyone knows that the infinitely beautiful views of trains outweighs the speed of flying.

Renfe plan to completely revitalise the European train maps, adding plenty of routes, and it could feature routes that run from Portugal to the UK via one route.

Other potential routes that are in the works include Madrid-Marseille, Barcelona-Lyon, and Barcelona-Paris – and plans have been outlined in a piece by Paul Luckman in the The Portugal News.

Routes between Spain and Portugal are likely to advance the fastest, since there currently isn’t a link between Madrid and Lisbon, and there’s also plans to take passengers between Porto and Vigo in Northern Spain.

Luckman joined the pieces together, which involved citing the fact that Renfe have entered the UK rail passenger market and started planning all these routes, to determine that high-speed rail between the UK and Portugal could really happen in the future.

If the UK was to be linked, London and beyond could be linked to Lisbon with stops in Paris, Lyon, Vigo and more.

As you can probably gather, nothing has been fully confirmed, but the movements are promising. It would likely take a while to finalise, but one day in the future we could be hopping on at a busy London station and gazing out at golden sands in no time at all. Fingers crossed.