54 Celebrity Engagement Rings That Will Rock Your World

Another of our favourites of all time has to be Hailey Bieber’s. After months spent trying to get a glimpse of her rock, the model was officially photographed for the 2018 September issue of Vogue Mexico, complete with her engagement ring, and it was even bigger than we first imagined.

In the candid black and white photoshoot, the ring is unsurprisingly the main focal point as she super casually shows off her oval stone and 18K gold band. Jack Solow, of New York City-based Solow & Co. Inc. Diamond Jewelers, designed the ring and previously revealed that having the 18K gold band was a super important feature to Hailey.

“It was about the diamond. I think he [Justin] knew very well what Baldwin wanted in a ring, but he wanted it very much to be about a very special diamond. He left it in my hands to try and select the most beautiful diamond for someone like Hailey.” he told Glamour US.

Other rings we’re obsessing over are those belonging to Hilary Duff, Katherine Schwarznegger and Nicola Peltz.

Now all that’s left to do is leave some REALLY SUBTLE HINTS… before we inevitably give up and buy our own. But enough about us. Scroll down and check out the 54 most EPIC celebrity engagement rings of all time…