A ‘You’ Themed Teacup Ride Is Spinning Into London This Weekend

Not content with dropping a highly-anticipated fourth season, Netflix are also delivering us some nostalgic fun in the form of a You themed teacup ride in London this weekend.

It’s fitting, since this season of You is taking place in London, so you can be sure that You x London memes are going to filling the internet at an even faster rate than these teacups are spinning.

Oh, and Netflix have even gone with central character Joe Goldberg (Penn Badgley) pouring a cuppa on one of their promotional posters; because what better way is there to indicate the series hopping over to the British Isles. Except maybe a spinning teacup ride at Observation Point this weekend.

Teacups, by the way – what an idea! I haven’t taken a ride on one of these but now I want to try out these blood-stained teacups. I didn’t mention the bloodstains on the teacups? Well, this is You we’re talking about, and Netflix did promise a teacup ride with a twist; so I guess it’s the perfect combination.

While we can’t promise that the man himself will be sitting in one of these teacups, we can guarantee that his presence will be felt – which probably sounds about as ominous as many a moment in the series. The ride is accompanied by a voiceover from Joe Goldberg, who will also be on the totems around the ride.

Everyone who takes a turn on the ride will be treated to a souvenir picture of themselves being spun on the teacups, as well as a takeway cup of “bloody” (strawberry and raspberry infused) tea, or a You branded teabag.

Netflix dropped the first part of the fourth season of You today (February 10), with the second part of the season hitting screens on March 10.

The You themed teacup ride can be found at the London Observation Point (56 Upper Ground, SE1 9PP) on February 11 (12:30pm – 8pm) and February 12 (10am – 6pm).