21 Shoulder Length Hairstyle Ideas You Need To Try In 2023

Louis adds: “You want to reduce some of the width and volume from where the hair sits on the shoulders. The latest tool I’m using is the L’Oreal Professionnel Steampod 3.0 Steam Hair Straightener & Styling Tool, £195.76, Look Fantastic; a styler that steams your hair whilst styling. Thick hair can often look coarse so you want to add shine while the heat will allow you to control and shape, the steam helps the hair to look moisturised a real high-end finish.”

As for a top tip, Antonio says: “If at the beginning you dry it with the paddle brush or with your fingers, and then paddle brush it straight, you will avoid any volume and the hair will have form and shape.”

How to style shoulder-length medium hair?

“For this hair it all depends on what look you’d want to obtain, as this type of hair is very versatile – I would use a hair oil and volumising mist to create a bit of texture and grit but without giving you tonnes of volume. I dry 50% and then take a heated hairbrush which allows you to straighten the hair without pulling too much or creating too much tension.”

“For a lived in French or boho girl, I love again adding oil to freshly washed damp hair, through the mid to ends and then allow you hair to air dry, twist the front away from the face for extra shaping. Once the hair has air dried, assess it and then create some extra texture to your style, with either adding a beach bounce or kinks, elevated bouncy ends via a hot tool, or some extra products.” says Louis.

As for a top tip, Antonio says: “Using the heated brush with a volumising mist with a light oil gives a very natural look without being too over styled – it’s more casual than that ‘just out of the salon’ hair.”

How to style shoulder-length thin hair?

When it comes to thin hair, Anthony believes that the secret lies with the layering a special coclatil of products including a root boost, a volumising mouse and an oil. “Combine them together and you will obtain good grit, volume and texture but the combination will prevent the hair from getting oily.

Louis says: “I would always blow-dry in a volumiser into the root and mid-lengths. Turn your head upside down as this will give you maximum lift; dry your root first this will support your finished style. Once dry, a blast of dry shampoo is always a good plumper — spray onto a brush and brush it through the hair, rather than directly on the roots.”

Louis also suggests that a strong parting is everything. “A strong parting is always a great way to elevate thinner shoulder length hair- whether it’s side or central make sure it looks intentional to add a bit of drama.” Louis then adds: “And finally don’t overwork the hair, once you’ve styled, the more you touch it the quicker it becomes tired. Always try to use a brush rather than your fingers and just rock it.”

As for a top tip, Antonio says: “Use hot rollers give mobility, movement and manageability bounce. You can divide into different thickness of sections in the hot rollers and you’ll get a beautiful style without damaging the hair too much. Air dry about 80% and then add the hot rollers, use a big size so you don’t look like ‘Shirley Temple’ then leave it and brush it and you will have zero damage to your hair because it heats it gently and give lots of bounce.”

To show you just how much variety there is for this particular length, we’ve rounded up all the best shoulder-length hairstyles from our favourite celebs. With hair extensions and the world’s finest hair stylists available at the click of their fingers, we know mid-length hair was a conscious choice for these women (and we can easily see why)…

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