The GHD Duet Hot Air Styler is breaking the internet but for £379 is it actually worth the money?

I wasn’t sure what to think when I first got my hands on the GHD Duet Styler. I’ve never really liked straightening my hair and much prefer to just stick to my natural 3b/3c curls. Plus, I’m a very impatient person and I’ve always hated the process of having to dry my hair and then straighten it (which takes a long time!) – but this definitely made the Duet Styler more intriguing.

In terms of speed, I can’t fault it! To straighten all of my hair it took under 30 minutes which is pretty much unheard of, and if you factor in skipping the usual drying process on top of that, I was really impressed. My only criticism would be the finish of my hair – I really struggled to get it looking as smooth as I have done in the past with regular GHD straighteners, and because the plates are large, I found it tricky to get close to my scalp. With practice though (and more patience), perhaps I’d be able to achieve a sleeker look.

Overall, I think I’d definitely recommend the GHD Duet Styler to anyone who’s on a time crunch and wants to skip that drying stage.

Rating: 7/10

Sally, Office Manager and PA to GLAMOUR’s Editorial Director

When it comes to GHD, I know I’m in safe hands. Owning the title as the holy grail of styling products (not that i’m bias), I was desperate to try the new Hot Air Styler as soon as it launched. A hybrid product which promises to dry-and-style my hair, simplify my routine and give a sleek finish with zero heat damage, surely no product can be that perfect?

On first impressions, the tool is stunning; sleek and stylish, classic GHD. It is, however, slightly on the bulky side. Perhaps a bit naive of me as it does have hair drying qualities built in, but I thought it might have been a bit smaller and lighter. Super soft, it glides through hair really well unlike most clamping style products, ideal when you’re prone to matted locks like moi. Styling wise, it’s perfect. With the rounded edges it’s ideal for an end-flicked, bouncy blow dry look.